Hide Your Email Address When Sending an Email to Someone

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“Everybody its steve and today. I d like to show you another little trick that that i ve discovered and it has to do with email let s say for you want to send an email to somebody. But you really don t want them to know your email address and the reason. This would be used would be something like if you were to solicit or get solicited by something on craigslist.

But you want to go checked up and out. But you didn t want to give your email address out so. What you can do you can create it what s called an aka email address or aka post at aka pus. Com.

And the way. It works is you would use your typically you would create an account with a k post. And this person. Did it with bryan jones at company.


And what they ended up. Doing is they created that email post and they create a new email and they decided to call that jedimaster at aka pulse. And that s brian s right here. Bryan s new email address with aka post.

And he associates. It with his actual email address at bryan jones out at company. Comm. Which is what you see here and then after he does that he goes in he can go in and do a regular email and when he does a regular email.

He s going to go ahead and put in the person s email address. He s just going to put a dot after it so. It would be for example with this girl. Here lisa lisa.


82 at yahoocom. Which is where he wants to send the email to an email to he would go into his email address and he would go ahead and pull up lisa s email address. But he would add at the end of the dot com. For in this case for yahoo.

He d add dot aka post. Com so it d be lisa. W. 82 and yahoocom.

Dot aka post comm and he could go ahead and send an email out now when the email goes out it actually gets redirected. Because of this aka posted the end of it it gets redirected into aka post aka post comes in strips out the email address that brian has in his email. Okay strips this portion out so it converts it to the aka post and then continues to send it over to lisa over at her email and do it so it basically hides. The fact.

That brian s email is really..

Brian at brian jones at cubby com. Instead. It s coming in as jetta master. At aka post.

Which is the one the email. That brian created under aka post comm under their email client. So it actually hit it and then what it does is when lisa replies. It actually brings it back it strips it out again.

And it delivers it to brian and in brian gets the email without lisa knowing that it what hurt what his real email. Address is so it s a great solution for many people who want to basically mask or hide. What emails they have or any email that they want to have it s free and you should go ahead and check it out so hope you enjoyed this one and they ll be more coming. If you ever need me for any real estate or you know buying or selling or if you need to help with the with an reo or bank owned property.

If you want to buy one or if you a short sale..

Issue or of course. You know with my computer knowledge of 34 years. If you have computer questions. Please give me a call.

Let me talk you you can call me at. Nine. Oh. Nine eight nine five four zero seven four and once again this is steve linen.

” ..

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