How animate shape outlines in PowerPoint

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Now let s get into it today. We ve got another tutorial for you and today we re gonna show you how to animate the outlines of shapes and boxes and text boxes etc. Now this is not a native feature of powerpoint itself well not yet. Anyway.

So we re gonna have to do a little bit working around in order for it in order for us to be able to do this now..

It s not difficult. It is really not difficult. It s just a case of using shapes. What i want to show you is how to animate the outline of a text box and how to animate the outline of a shape.

So you can see here. I ve got two slides with text and with shapes to animate the outline of a text box get your shape. So for instance. I ve got a square shape.

What you want to do then is you want to fill it so that it s got no fill it s off shape fill no feel so we can see our line and then we can also see our text..

We then want to change the color of the line. So if i go for an orange to match the heather and make it a little bit bigger and then i want to make it into dashes as well dashes. Now another for me to then animate that i just need to animate the box as normal so you can just get it to appear as normal you can get to zoom in. But what we want to do is we want it to turn to a wheel.

So once you ve selected wheel. It is then just a case of copying and pasting that and then putting that around your other text boxes. As well as you can see here so now if i go in try to specify if you then go winter. So if i then go into presentation for you and i go true the slide.

You ll see now that my outline will come in as i press..

The next button now we re gonna do the same thing for shapes. We re gonna have our shapes. We can copy and paste these pull it on top and again the exact same thing. No fill now you can t really see it there cuz.

It s not finished moment. We ll have our orange border make it a bit bigger and then we re going to put dashes on just so we can see it let s make it thicker. There for point. And again.

All we need to do so we ve got two shapes..

Here now we need to make sure the right one is selected. So we select that and then we are going to animate it so again if i use wheel. Does exactly the same thing and that is how you animate the outline of boxes of shapes. And you can do this with any shape you can do with circles squares rectangles triangles whatever.

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