How do I get rid of Xvid Video Codec and a couple other tips

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“Turner just show me fans. I m getting a lot of emails and comments on on that xvid codec thing and i want to go over this big thing you need to do is go and watch all the last videos all of that had been covered. But i ll go over it again just for those of you that haven t been paying attention or subscribe. So you get the notification when there is a new video.

The problem with that xvid codec thing is you re trying to play movies that are in the theaters. Now the quickest way to get by that stuff is wait you can t do it i ll show you here. Let s just come in here. Let s just go to the crew and in here.

We ve got in theaters. Oh. Right there on the very top. This hollywood.

One you go into play. That now. Another thing is i use real de britt. And i really highly recommend it now real debride concentrates on your better quality ones.

Which doesn t do you any good on this particular movie. Because what you ll do is click here on the top one see this number here the zero one watch it and see if it falls through okay..

It s playing off of number one and we get that codec stop it go back try it again and drop down to a different link now you know that number one doesn t work so now you ll come to take it to three whatever i try to go to a different source. So if i tried that on sky torrents let s go to line torrents. Now on these torrents you re not downloading torrents you want to make sure that in your dependencies on your resolver url depth. It s check that says cached torrents.

Only okay we re going to get out of this and now i m going to go down. Even further and let s try the 720 stuff. I know this is pain doing this but the big thing is is you want to get something that s got some quality to it that wasn t done by these people with the camcorders. So let s come here to 720 s.

And let s try pirate bay. Here. Now also look here on the size of that torrent. Where we got three and a half gigs.

The quality of that one is probably going to be a lot better than one that s just point five four gigabytes. Okay. This one is going to play without that xvid and you can see here that you re getting this stuff. And these are all on movies that haven t been released yet if i hit pause you can see that that s supposed to be 720 dp on the the quality.

I m gonna get out of that now what i do is i stay clear of this in theaters. And what i ve done is here s one latest hd releases take that and i m gonna just..

I m gonna long click on this and add to my favorites now i m gonna get out of this i m gonna come here to zenon i m gonna click on zen on skin settings come here to home menu and i m gonna come to movies. I m going to click here on widgets set and i m gonna come to the very bottom and custom widget favorites click on that and click. There. Where it says latest hd releases and get out of it.

Now. When i come here to movies. It s showing me. The latest hd releases now any of these up.

Here. You can go ahead and click on them and they should play without getting any of those hex bids let s keep our fingers crossed let s just click on that top one and you can see it s going to start there we go i m gonna hit pause you can see we re in full 1080p and it s good now that s the easiest way. I found of doing this stuff is put that latest releases in here. And you won t have that problem with these like you are on movies in theaters.

And that s where your problem is the other thing is some people have showed me screenshots where they were getting torrent downloads now in here on our settings. We re going to come to zen on to system to add ons to manage dependencies. We re going to come down here to resolve url configure on this universal resolver tab come down to that 90. And you should have these top three turned on this cache torrents.

Only now cache torrents. Only means that they are stored in the real debride..

Servers and you re not downloading them you re just streaming them. And go ahead and use real de britt. Okay. I m just gonna hit ok.

And get out of that and you ll do the same thing down here on url result. They re both identical. Just do the same thing down there okay now people that are sending me emails and stuff. I really recommend you do you load this in on your pc.

And if you re having a problem on a pc. All you have to do is hold down the windows key that s the one between the control and the alt and hit print screen and you see that dim okay let me just take. And i m gonna bring up my taskbar here. And you ll have an area here that s called pictures.

And where that pictures is you ll see there s a folder in there called screenshots. I m gonna just open that up and there is that screenshot that i just made and you can just send that to me with the explanation of whatever your problem is so i hope that helps for doing that and something else i do on that when you ve gone into that screenshots it s in pictures taken right click left click on it then right click and click this pin to quick access and from now on it ll show up up right here. And you don t have to go looking for it track library popping up in the center of the screen. I don t know if at any of you are still getting that if you are in here on library.

On this cody setup. Come in here to number one authorize tracks and here on synchronize take an uncheck show sake notification..

So now we ve got the first one in the last one in service. We ve got the top four in movies and in episodes just hit ok and save that and you should be good on everything. There another thing. Too is if you re trying to this was on trouble shooting.

This universal scrapers configure. It used to have scrapers. 1. And scrapers 2 up here that s been updated.

They did away with a bunch of the scrapers. So now there is only a scrapers one tab and you can see here it goes from a to z all on one tab. So that s complete. So you don t need to look for two tabs being up there of scrapers 1 and 2 anymore.

A matter of fact you can pretty much just rule out that universal scrapers as being a step in your troubleshooting. Okay that does it i m ” ..

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