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” s up y all. I should go be an elite aka bb. Beck again was was another video on youtube. So as you can see from the title today.

I gonna be doing a how i film and edit my videos today. I m gonna be showing you guys how i set up my camera my iphone. Because i don t wanna. I phone my iphone and how i set up like the filming and like my lighting and i m gonna show you guys how i edit and what i do and it s just gonna be a really quick video on how i do things cuz.

I do get asked this a lot like what how do i edit and stuff. And i just want to make this video. So i can clear things up before we get into the video make sure to subscribe like and comment and hits a notification bill to be reminded every time. I post on this channel boom.

You already know also follow me on my social. My instagram and my snapchat and my tick tock. If you guys didn t know i made a tick tock account and um kind of boring on there because it s really dry so. If you guys could follow me on things up gonna be really great currently on there without further ado let s get on the video.

So i m gonna start out by showing you guys my setup. My like how i found like like my sent out some scam so right now i m currently filming on my mom s phone and this is how i sound like i don t know what else to say like so here i use. 3 led lamps. I got from walmart.

I use like literally you can get this for 688 plus x. I was like 10 dollars. So it s really easy yeah and i used this tripod that i got from amazon. It was like um.

I don t remember how much it was but it was kind of expensive. But you guys don t have to use a tripod if you like stack books up like how i do this i can get books..

But i use this lighting. It s kind of like i ve been trying to get a ring light for the oh shoot okay. My thing is coming down kind of were those led like if you get a ring like you know my gosh. If you have a ring light um like it s really bright and these lamps are really bright.

As well so i have three of these i used to have two. But i just bought this one so it gives like have front and the side side. So gonna have brighter lighting and this is how i film usually you re supposed to film with like i m supposed to be filming with my back camera. But like to have better quality.

But um. I don t know like there s no way for me to do that like i could. But i just need to see myself and i can t film. If i can t see myself so yeah.

So this is my whole setup here and now. I m gonna try the phone right there so like usually when i do like why did the iphone like what s on my iphone video. I filmed on my mom s phone and i used my phone and i just aired all the videos to my phone and i edit it on my phone like i edit on their phone. So yeah.

It just usually airdrop the videos period boom variable so here i have my two lights. These are like to be honest. Do you like paquim and then the extra is the light in the middle. Which is this light.

So yeah. And i just film right here sometimes i ll fit over there like over there in a little corner. Where my flag is and it s like pretty much the same thing and yeah. So now i m going to show you guys how i edit well this actually good lighting hold on now okay.

What s up okay. Some are so guys how to edit one of my videos..

So let s just go i use imovie and font oh that s what i use so yeah i m gonna show you guys how to do this so let s go right now let me actually turn up these lights so i think i m gonna go ahead and use my tripod. I m gonna put my mom s phone on this tripod and i m gonna hold my phone in my hands and show you guys how i edit you go on imovie and you disco you pick the video you want i mean you want to edit. And you can pick multiple just pick how many one so this video is in my last video. I still have it saved um.

This was reacting to my sister s tick tocks. So you guys here just watch this. So. How i add like i just add this i just cut like i cut that so let s say this wasn t here and i m gonna add a transition a slide and then i m gonna add this intro mat.

My true so that all all right and then i just click it and i just add it to the video. So it goes like this so yeah there goes there and it s just a video. So yeah so if you want to know how to add these icons like how i add instagram the chick talk on my ads. So there is no feature.

I do not i cannot do that on here so what i do is i go on to font. Oh. And i have i put in agree so i m gonna go okay so and i have how i do how i do that is okay so i go to youtube and i search notification buh buh subscribe green screen and i just the sauce screen recorded three one hour screen recorded so i ll just clean record it and then when i m done just stop so what i m gonna do is i m gonna do so i add the plus again. But it s actually gonna be a video.

So i take the video and then i do the three dots again and then it s green and then there you go so. It s pretty much the green screen green screen green screen. It could really help plus like you can t really do much on imovie like do all this so i use green screen. So yeah and then um how i edit this is i just upload like how i put my sister s tic tocs on the side of me i just go to video.

I can just split any video like let s say. I made it sick talk so i guess. I m gonna do this okay so i wanna for example. I could take my tik tok and i could put it in picture and picture.

And it will this how it goes so i m gonna do is i m gonna pinch that make it bigger put it over here and then do that so here you go. That s how i hope my sister six walks beside me..

But sound effects is you just like this pretty much self explanatory guys what i do for music. I screen record my music and i ll show you guys so i m gonna put some. I gotta say um. Non copyright.

Background music and out of screen record. It. Like this. So.

Let s say i would just like that so i ll do that for like five minutes alsophila record for five minutes and then this is how i add background music to my thing so i m gonna meet this so you guys can hear the music so when you can t have any music now you can add any type of music you want you just have to screen record it and you take the video three dots again and do audio. Only and that s how i do my background music and my sound effects so like if i do like a scientific. I ll just search up a last thing sound effects. I ll just screen record that and you guys already know what i m gonna do like same thing is putting background music.

So yeah. It s pretty much it like this really how i edit guys. It s like pretty much green screen and screen recording. So yes.

How are you guys how to do a son. Okay. So um let s just okay. So i want you guys to do thumbnail.

So what i use is super super impose x. So um here are some of the projects. I ve made so you re gonna do is plus. So let s say i take this for example.

I m gonna take you 16 by 9. Because that s the thumbnail range..

And what i do is i add another layer that oh. What i m gonna do is i m gonna take the top layer and i just we actually hope so from the back. I want to take the the back layer and i m going to do a fix motion blur. I m just gonna blur the background.

Okay and then i m going to take this oh. It s like the front and i m going to mask. It masking tool. I don t know that s something i do or like you can t like oh shoot.

What i just do just make it blurry. A little bit more on here. Okay and then what i do is i take take this right and then i m going to ask you and yes pretty much time. I do it um do it.

And i ma just save it and i go back to font oh and i m gonna upload that so i m gonna upload it and it looks really cool and then i display my driving the my mom like like you to do everyone like to me. Always like that sometimes um. My thoughts will be like this and my style will be like this like this i did like different things yeah you can do everyone can literally do everyone everything doesn t have you want and a little example on how i make a thumbnail. So yeah and then you just upload it and okay guys so now i m gonna show you guys how i check up on my on my youtube.

So i use the app youtube studio. And i can check my subscribers watch time views subscriber changes and comments and just how my videos are doing like i just see that and yeah. This app is like really helpful if you have a youtube channel. And if you re just starting out and just to keep track on your channel.

And it s really really something i love so yeah. That s pretty much like little that s everything i do to edit. And film. So i really showed a furrow showed everything i could like that s everything i do to make a youtube video and that s all that i really like i really try my best to show you guys everything so i hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did like and i ll see you guys in the next.

” ..

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