How I source and find cheap vinyl records

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“This thing is amazing so i m testing out the new gopro gopro. 7. Right right hero. 7.

Black edition with a new improved microphones and new improved stabilization. Which amazing i tried it out yesterday on my bike. And it was i was quite impressed anyway. Only in freaking chicago.

So last three days. We have a temperature in mid 80s yesterday was a little bit cooler was like upper 70s today. I wake up it s 38 degrees. Man like 4050 degree swing right now it s 41 41.

And it s gonna get even colder. Because i m heading up north in order to wisconsin about two hours away actually 110 miles to pick up to pick up some vinyl records of the guy. He contacted me yesterday. He says he has a collection of over 500.

He said six now 500 records about 400 of them are classic rock from 70s and 80s. Which is beautiful that s the bestsellers and then he said about a hundred records of some jazz and blues. Which is fantastic as well believe it or not right now guys the best selling item for like six months. It wasn t like a little wave.

It was about three years ago. Vinyl was selling extremely well and then it took a little dip and now it s back on a rise again last six months. The best selling item in my shop. It s between vinyl and knives and vinyls been selling really good vinyl from all genres.

You know blues country classical rock across the board is selling so i agreed with him for a buck apiece. So hopefully hopefully all these records are in decent shape. And i can make some money on average in the shop lps. I sell anywhere between like four to six dollars depending.

What it is so you know if i can buy these for like. 500 bucks and hopefully flip him for about 2500 3000. And go wrong i m willing to drive a couple hours to get them so as soon as i get there and make the deal i ll share it with you guys and i so i m almost here two hours and four minutes 100 miles making that call 42 degrees..


46. Right so good test for this camera. Now it s really windy. I want to see how this new gopro blanc edition is doing in the wind.

So i just left this guys house. I was able to go through some of these records that he he had there and i only end up getting 350 350 lps from him most of it you know classic rock stuff. And i got some vintage electronics. Which was cool because i wasn t expecting that i got three receivers.

I got one more on the back seat. I got this guy right here realistic not a great brand. A couple of realistics. I got a tape deck that it s a realistic tip.

But it s a three head unit and i end up getting all the lps for 50 cents. A pop. So everything that i got here. I paid.

225 175 for the records and i gave him 50 bucks for the for the audio equipment. They all power on but no further testing done so who knows it might be hit and miss. But i m happy i m very happy and the best part is he s got about 1100. More records to go through all right.

I m heading back let me tell you guys how i buy when i when i come across a big collection of records. How i determine how much i m gonna pay because it s almost impossible when you get to somebody s house or whatever it might be to go through all of them right you would have to spend a lot of time to go through every single record. So when i got there here about 500 records. And i will pick randomly now the only nice thing he had there what he did for me.

He had about 3 to 350 of them already like in genres right so he had the rock. He had the gospel he had some country jazz blues already separated and first i went through the stuff that i m led like less interested like gospel stuff is not doing good for me in a shop. So i went quickly through those. He had about 30 40 of them put them all aside.

Didn t want him that i went through some country really quickly. I didn t want him as well pross. They were kind of the the titles that he had there they were not very interested..


There was a lot of 60 70 you know country music. Which is hard to move. And what i do then later. I will pick random record just randomly every 15 20 records.

I will fool one out. And i will set 2030 records aside like that and and i will look at those i will pull those records those vinyls out i will look at the condition. I will look at the conditions of the sleeves. And if everything is good that tells me that most of this collection is going to be in the same condition.

Especially. When i m out of 350 picking up randomly every 20 or so that s the quickest way to do it because otherwise and that took me an hour to do it otherwise. It will take me forever. So there were no great like super great titles right i m not finding it in classic rock.

There any pink floyd. I m not finding led zeppelin scorpions. You know those great titles that you know that you can get more money for him or some beatles there was a lot of stuff. There that i m gonna get four five six dollars at the most but record that tells me right away.

I can t pay a buck apiece. But some of the sleeves and covers were not in the greatest condition either so if i m getting great titles. Even if they might be a little bit rough. I know i can pay up late a bit.

But if i m not getting those great titles those records that i m gonna get you know eight ten twelve fifteen dollars. A piece then i gotta cut my price in half. So that s what i did and that s what i told him and i said listen i can do 50 cents a piece. And he was cool with it later i find out that he actually sells some of the stuff on ebay online.

So he picked through some of the better names. He says i got probably about 30 40 records online right now so i m thinking the better ones. He already grabbed. Which is still okay with me.

But that s why i m paying you 50 cents. A piece. And he was happy with it and then we started..


Talking and then he takes me to his garage. He says. Hey listen. I got also a little bit of vintage equipment.

Would you be interested in it. And he showed me nothing spectacular. There s no pioneers on soui or kenwood or macintosh. But still decent stuff that i can make few dollars.

He says. The only testing i did the only testing i did on this stuff was just power on so i m taking a chance on it you know. But i gave him four the five pieces of equipment 50 bucks. So even if one or two works.

I know i can make some money and the rest of it can go for parts. He also had three reel to reel players. He said. None of them actually worked none of them even power down so i kind of passed on him.

There was nothing spectacular far as like basic kiuic names. So even for parts. I couldn t make him an offer on doubs. But he s got a lot of records to go through so as soon as he goes through them.

He s gonna be calling me again. It s a great contact how did i find this guy simple ad that i had on craiglist. I m looking for vinyl and i pay cash on a spot. And he called me up the other day and we made our point for today and boom.

So that s that s how it works guys. That s how you make that flipping game going stop recording stop recording. I hope you guys enjoyed this little episode. I know it was short.

But i wanted to show a little bit how i buy how i buy vinyl records. Especially when i buy a minute. You know bake quantities and i also wanted to try out this new gopro camera that i just got because stabilization on it s supposed to be phenomenal hopefully..


It will be and the microphone. They really upgraded and they could stuff with the with the audio on this new model. So i would love to hear your input. How was this video was a good quality.

When it comes to video overall was a jerky was a shaky and how was the audio. Because if the audio is good. I m gonna be using more as more and more gopro in my videos. I used to use the old one hero.

3. Because it had a better mic and i had external mic actually hooked up to it the hero. 5. That i had it was absolutely horrible and i hardly ever used it stabilization and it was horrible everything about that camera was not good so i barely used it unless.

I did china some action that i couldn t bring the big camera with me then i used it even then i used my iphone. So i would love to hear from you guys. Some feedback. How is this video and is it good because if it is i m gonna be using more and more of this gopro.

I m kind of excited they dropped the price on it so it s good it cost 400 bucks instead of 500. So. And i got already so many different accessories for gopro and which i sold. My old one.

Just yesterday hero vibe. I put it on ebay. And it sold with it i m not kidding you half an hour and i got 180 bucks for it for what a hero. 5.

So that s good anyway. Now. I m rambling thank you for watching until ” ..


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