How much does it cost to file a patent

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“My name is wendy best cap and i m standing in the bus cap law law groups lobby of houston texas. We are a law firm that exclusively does patents trademarks. One of the questions that i m often asked is how much does it cost to file a patent well it s a little bit misleading. Because you don t file a patent right away you file a patent application they come in two different sizes.

The little size which is a provisional application and it stays on file at the government for about 12 months really 11 months and 29 days and a utility patent. Which is the big one which goes to the examiner for examination and ultimate issuance. So there are two sizes and two different prices..


The little one runs somewhere between five and nine thousand dollars. And many times. We can quote an exact price for a patent. Most patent lawyers can as well the big one can run anywhere between eight and fifteen thousand dollars to get on file.

But that s not the end of the story. A patent is filed for the examiner looks at it he rejects it they reject it pretty much everything. And you have to file a written response..


What does a written response cost it depends. What the government says anywhere from two to five thousand dollars. And if you want to go to washington and talk to the character in person. Which may be a good idea.

It might be a good idea explain your invention to that examiner because maybe he didn t quite understand it the way it was written when you go that s another few thousand dollars. But the good news is you go talk to the guy. You have a really good chance..


There won t be any more costs. Except the notice of allowance fee cost and the final issuance of the patent meaning. The examiners won t reject you any more. And you don t have more lawyer fees dealing with his rejections.

So how much does a patent cost from start to finish. If you start with a provisional patent. First and then you change it to a utility case and you..


Go and you. Interview the case in washington plan to budget. 30000. If you just manage to do everything by paper you start with a small utility case.

And you don t have to go to washington. It might only run your 20 ” ..

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