How to Apply Transitions to Pictures in Adobe Premiere Pro

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“Guys welcome to another premiere pro tips video tutorial. I m alan and i ve ve got a viewer requested video today um. It was requested by its big pappy. However you want to say it.

And he basically wanted to know how to apply transitions to um. Like pictures. Just. Still.

Pictures. Cuz um. A lot of times. Let s say you um.

You re making. A video of a birthday party or something like that a lot of times. You ll have a combination of both video and and also pictures and um. And just like any slideshow.

I m applying transitions to them two pictures is really important so i just have a picture right here. It s just some snowboarder because i m pretty excited for for the snowboarding season to start so um. So all i did was drag and drop. It in the timeline.

Um. One thing. That s important to remember to do if needed is to resize it so i m just going to click on uniform scale and i m gonna adjust the width and the height um. I m just doing this sort of without explaining it so if you don t know how to how to resize a picture or a video just go check out one of my videos.

I did a tutorial on it already it s called how to resize. A video in adobe premiere pro. So there we have it um. Now.

It s it s the right size and let me delete that so i ve just got this plain picture. As you can tell um and you can apply video transitions to it um..

Even though it s a picture you can it s still under video transitions. And you can use whatever video transition. You want um probably. Most commonly you ll be under the dissolve category.

And you ll be using transitions such as dip to black. So if i just add that to the beginning in the end and press play it does does that little smooth transition um and just for demonstration purposes. I m going to use sort of a more more distinct transition. So i m going to go to slide.

I m going to use push what this does is it just slides. It over like that and then slides it off and like i said you can use any transition. You want under each of these subgroups. There are a bunch of transition.

So you can apply so a lot of it is just experimenting. So and you can also use this effect in unison with with some text. So i m just gonna i m just going to make this one called snowboarding. I m going to make it title.

We re just type snowboarding now. When you re adding text over top of either a video or a picture. It s important to have contrast. So obviously right here if i were to use white.

It wouldn t be very effective because it d be tough to see it s important to have contrast so instead i m just gonna change it to a simple black. If you guys aren t following about how to make a title. I ve also done a tutorial for that as well. I think.

It s just called like how like either how to make a title or like text or something like that i ll just check it out so i m just going to center. It and then drag and drop it on to video two and then placing on video 2. Because i want it to be over top of this now. If i were just to play it right here.

As you can see the the text here. I ll do it in slow motion..

As you can see the text is it s not moving along with the video. So we can actually make it move on together with the video by applying the same effect. So i m just going to go back to slide and apply push to the text now it s really important if you want it to move in unison. It s really important that these line up that the effects line up so the effect starts right here and it ends right here.

And if these weren t like if i had something like this it wouldn t look right because they re moving at different speeds. So you want to make sure that if i wanted it out here that i change both of them to go to the same distance that way they move together so uh so yeah. Let s see how this looks. So you can do something like that it s all it s all preference a lot of this so um yeah.

If you guys found this helpful. Please like favorite and subscribe um. What else if you have any questions. Please ask them in the comments.

Or private message. Me and keep the viewer requested um videos coming yeah like i said my other video. If you do have this question about how to do something chances are there s someone else out there with the exact same question. So so i really appreciate all the all the help and support you guys given me in this channel.

So yeah thanks for watching guys i m alan from cube to up to two speakers or an external speaker. Pair. Plus. A sub woofer all speakers must be online on the same network and in the same room.

So like i mentioned before these are on the same network. Now you need to have them in the same room. So here in the office. Everything is set up and you can see the list of all my devices that aren t compatible and here you can see the echo would have worked.

But that is actually at my home. So we can t set that up here today. But we re going to set this up with brett s dot three so i m going to check that i m going to select next. And then we re going to give this a name so we re just gonna select home theater and next and then we re gonna choose where we want this to be in so i m gonna choose that we want this in the office and save and now it has gone through and paired those devices.

So we can see that home theater pair. If we scroll all the way down to the bottom and here we have the home theater..

If you are trying to pair one device to another and it s already in a home theater. You would need to come in here and unpair. It before you can connect them into a new group so here you can see i have the fire tv cube and the brett s echo dot three paired together. Now let s show you how this works on the tv.

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Plus. Check out the preview to see and here your home theater in action alright. I m gonna play this preview. But like i mentioned before you can actually enhance the sound.

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I need is a compatible speaker. So something with auxiliary or bluetooth. And then you re just going to plug this into the back of your echo device. Once you have the speaker plugged in head to the group.

Where you have the speaker. So here in the office. Here. I have the breaths echo dot three.

I m going to open that up and then down here i have speaker so i m gonna select change and instead of this speaker you can choose if you want it to be an auxilary or bluetooth. So i m going to choose auxilary cable and then i m going to select save. And now it will be coming through the speaker. That i have set up right here and all the controls are on here.

You may need to make sure that it is set to auxilary so let s go ahead and play the preview. So that sounded pretty good definitely a better speaker..

Than just the dot three so now here on my fire tv remote. It says that the volume is going to control my speaker. Now now that we have this all paired up anything that we play through the fire tv is going to play out of this speaker. So that means not only do you need to use amazon applications.

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Sounds coming out of here sounds. Just great. And if i change the volume. It s already up full volume.

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