How To Backup & Restore Thunderbird Emails & Data To Another Computer

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“Its leigh here with another tips video so in this video i need to basically basically back up my mozilla thunderbird my email client and all the relevant data so my emails all of my email. Account settings and all of that kind of business and transfer it to another operating system. I m actually going to be transferring it to windows 10. Which is a what i have installed on the same computer.

But on a separate hard drive partition and so i m basically in the progress of migrating all of my information across and so i ve just been reading up and how to do it. And it looks pretty straightforward and so let s go through that process and hopefully i ll share that experience with you so you can reproduce. It and make it easy for yourself. So all of the information is basically stored in these mozilla thunderbird profiles.

And it tells us how to get access to them. So. It says to go to the help and then if we go so this is a fund about by the way. It s already opened up so it says go to the help toolbar and then go to troubleshooting information.

Then it says you ve down this this application basics we need to look at the profile folder. And if we click on that it says show folder. Which takes us directly to this folder..


Here. Then what i m going to do is i m just going to go up up one so yeah. It has that it s random sort of string and then dot default and in most cases. The doctor fault is basically your profile name so default will probably be the most likely for you so.

Then i m just going to copy that and then i m going to save it where i need to save it so you might want to save it to a like usb pendrive or external hard drive or something like that i m gonna save it to this drive here and then i will paste it there i m not actually gonna do it in this part. Because i ve actually already done it so it s saved to my secondary hard drive or one of the other hard drives that i ve got and then that should basically be it so that s the export are there so i m just going to close out. Now what i m going to do is i m just going to pause. The video here we re going to reboot with windows 10.

I also need to install mozilla thunderbird. But then they ll go through the actual importing process and share that with you so i m just going to stop that now okay everyone so i ve now restarted. The machine and we re now in windows. 10.

I have installed thunderbird and run through it the first time. I ve got this folder here. Which is a backup drive..


Where we save the fund of a data. Too so now what i m going to do is just open up thunderbird. I m just going to select. Yeah we just want to configure our account later because we re going to be importing all of our details.

And you can see the tabs already open from earlier on just a moment ago. Actually what i did actually have to do is um. Just right click just to enable via menu bar and then now allow us to go to help and then troubleshooting information. Which is this page here so then we want to find the sort of the new installations default folder.

And i know it sounds complicated but basically it s just like a blank installation from this so we will just want to show folder. Which is this one here so you can see it s in user s lea then app data roaming thunderbird and profiles is actually two in here this one office is just actually tinkering with initially i sort of miss read. The instructions. And i actually copied the actual backup straight into this folder kind of as it was but that didn t work you re not actually supposed to do it like that so let me just delete that you ll just have a single folder in it that will look like that and so.

The instructions actually tell you to and open up. The default folder. And then open up your sort of a backup folder..


And then what you want to do is press ctrl. A to select all and then you want to you know ctrl c. Or copy. And then we want to go back to the sort of the new folder and then we just want to paste all of our backup data into there and basically overwrite anything with the same name.

That s what the instructions tell us to do so we re just going to continue with that haven t had any notifications regarding. Oh. Here we have a just a set to the last a bit so we want to replace the files in a destination. And that s just going to over i over the top of everything with the same name whoops.

I also forgot we re supposed to during the actual file corporate process. Let s just see if we can try again that was in the best way to do it we re supposed to actually close thunderbird whilst. We re performing this operation so what i m going to do is and now that the fun of us guys. I m actually going to go for that whole process again so i m just going to copy just make sure and i m just going to paste again because some yes are you supposed to actually have that s why yeah you re supposed to have fun to go close to watched you re doing the actual copy and paste operation okay so that s that completed and let s just open up thunderbird now and see what happened.

Oh yeah. The machine is loading up let s have a look okay. So that s a one of our add ons..


Which is a search plugin. So we just want to allow that to work okay we just need to restart thunderbird again that should allow that plug in to work that was a search plugin so it searches for your emails. Better than the standard search option. And another one hopefully.

We don t have to restart each time ok. So now can see these two emails are left open. Okay. That s it that looks like everything is a little bit different interface compared to the previous version.

But yeah that s basically everything i can see eric brings imported my all of my messages of which there is plenty all my folders my inboxes and i presume everything else as well and so yeah. That s basically the process and hopefully you found this video. Helpful and that s all for this one thanks for watching and see you guys. ” .


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