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“Guys. This is dr. Lewis welcome back to another video and in this video guys. Guys.

I m gonna be showing you how to increase your download and upload speed your ps4 and make it up to 10 times faster with the exact same internet connection that you have right now. So. What we re gonna be using in this video. Right now is an extremely simple method that literally anyone can use it doesn t matter where you live or what kind of connection.

You ve got you can easily get this to work for you we re actually gonna be comparing the before and after results of doing this method to let you guys know the amount of difference that we get in the download and upload speed just by doing the simple trick that i m about to show you guys in this video right now now before we get to the subject of the video..

I want to let you guys know that the sponsor for today s video is urban vpn. They re not really amazing vpn service that have servers and more than 81 vpn locations that are dedicated to solving problems like hyping and packet loss. So if you re a person that likes online gaming. But the game that you play doesn t have a server in your region you can use urban vpn to connect to your closest server and play whatever game you want on a really low ping also if you guys download urban vpn using the link given in the description box right now i m gonna be giving away 200 worth of psn gift cards in collaboration with urban vpn to 10 lucky winners and the winners are gonna be announced in my upcoming video all right now with that being said let s just get straight into the video and let me show you guys how to increase your download and upload speed on ps4 using the exact same connection that you have right now so the first thing that we re gonna be doing is we re going to go on to settings and we re gonna test our internet connection.

We re just gonna figure out the amount of download and upload speed that we re getting right now just to compare to the speed that we re gonna be getting later in the. Video so as you guys can see we re getting it around 430. Mb s per second of download speed. And the upload speed is just terrible guys also just to make this a little more transparent.

What i m gonna be doing right now is i m just gonna try updating a download file for fortnight with this download speed just for the sake of comparison..

So that we know the amount of download speed that has increased by using the method that i m gonna be showing you guys in this video right now so as you guys can see i haven t updated for tonight in a long time. And it s gonna be a really large file. It s gonna take a while all right so as you guys can see literally says 25 hours left. Which is ridiculous.

I know it s gonna go down gradually. But it s still a really bad download speed guys so we re only getting like 500k bees per second which is honestly it s a nightmare. Guys you don t want to be downloading anything on this kind of download speed guys all right so to begin with the first thing that we re gonna be doing all right. Let s just close for tonight from the background first.


What are you gonna be doing first it s just going to settings. Just head over to network and go on to set up internet connection click on use wi fi. What you want to do from here on it s just a like custom and then it s gonna ask you which wi fi network you want to use so. You re gonna be selecting the exact same one that you used before now just go ahead and select automatic dhcp hostname is gonna be do not specify now the dns settings.

Is where you want to go ahead and select manual and make the changes so the primary dns that you re gonna be entering is going to be 8888 then going to. The secondary dns and i. Just write. Down 8844.

And then just go ahead and select next mtu is gonna be automatic i do not use now we re gonna test the internet connection so there you go guys as you guys can see we now have 68 mb per second download speed and the upload speed is even higher now compare this to what we had earlier it s a massive difference guys..

It s absolutely crazy when you realized that you haven t even changed your connection and you could improve your speed by so much now let s just go back and see how fast. We re gonna be able to download for tonight at this speed so like you guys can see the download speed is absolutely. It s ridiculous guys. It s ridiculously fast and that s pretty much how you get a faster download and upload speed using the same connection so that was the video.

I hope you guys find this video. If you do please don t forget to leave a like to this video. And if you have any kind of questions leave it down in the comment section that being said thanks a lot for watching i talk to you guys in the next. ” .


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