How to Boost Your internet Speed on PS4 100%Increase Stop Fortnite Lag and delay

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“Guys. It s your boy cameron about if you do drop a like subscribe to to notifications and get let s get on to video so today i ll be you guys how to lose internet speeds download speeds for a night lag for an underlay this only works on playstation or some playstation. The regular price station playstation slam and playstation pro. So looking right side up so first thing.

I want to do is go to settings go to network click set up internet connection you guys can click use wi fi use a lan cable. Which whatever one y all are using. So i m using wireless internet. Doesn t hate custom not easy makes you got a custom click internet.

So our pedro settings press. Automatic dhcp hostname press..

Do not specify and dns says. You guys want to press. A manual. So that is like our bad is it like a some way around or just put it in so it s too close.

I m gonna give you guys for this so first one is alright so this is the first guardian for primary primary dns. I m gonna put eight eight point that s gonna press done then go to secondary dns. You guys want to put eight eight point four one four point eight click done then you guys gonna hit next automatic do not use and then i say update it it s not gonna click test internet connection so we re gonna compare to down the connection speeds download and upload from both of the clothes. So you guys can see connection speed is at 125 down.

Loss be right there and connection speed is at 52. This color here seemed to help me out way more..

But the other one probably is like in your area or whatever so it really depends it varies. So let s go to the next co. I got some better. I got gonna go use waffle custom same thing again go to your internet click on the medic do not specify manual i m gonna hit primary settings gonna put on the fring put it 1 1 1 second dear you gonna want to put in.

100. Fine one alright don t click next automatic not do not use it and click test internet connection now let s see these down low speeds gonna be this one might actually be lower for me cuz. I don t really use this one a lot all the time is lower. But we re just comparing to see see the connection speed is lower.

It s not 125 down low speed. But the connection speed is better if i m not..

Mistaken i think was 52. I m not really sure about i think that blows feels better. But yeah you guys can try to use. Both.

Of these see which one works better for. You. To. Eat.

8888. In eight point four point four point..

Eight. That one works better for me. So yeah. Miss you gotta check those both out um.

That s if this video helped yell out miss you got let me know. In a comment section. Below. This is in a video submission guide like the video subscribe to channel and turn off on the occasions and as always stay brisebois.

” ..

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