How To Change Your Snap Chat Username! *OFFICIAL METHOD*

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“Old guys so i m gonna show you how to change your snapchat username and and i do mean this name right here. You think you can change. It now s a way to change it and i m gonna show you it s quite complicated so a way to follow me step by step. It s not clickbait.

This is going to change your official name on snapchat. So the first thing you want to do is go into safari once you re on it just search. Snapchat calm. Once you re on snapchat calm.

Just click on it you get this website you get a cookies you can accept the cookies. It s up to you then what you want to do is go to community..

Once you re on community. You wanna click support one support load. You got all these options here so the thing that you want to click is my account and security then you want to click my account information as you can see here. Then you scroll down to my account security.

Click account information and click username. Once on username. It can tell you here is not possible to change your snapchat username. This is for security reasons.

You can read through this of you one you don t really need to all you have to do is come down to the bottom press community again and click support you can click contact pose right here. Then you can pick..

Which one fits your need so we just put my account login whatever let me click. I can t say nope don t really matter and then what you do is click no happy. Snapping whatever don t really matter. What they say you wanna take community.

You get an support then you wanna click contact with oh actually all you want to do is go back up here and click snapchat make sure it searches so you gotta write in yourself click spacebar some reason you won t take it i m just childish so about this guys were you energy is clear him again this is daw ever again. When you go company. And then one good that s great uses snapchat scroll down. Basically what you want to find is their contact email.

So once you ve got that you clear. Contact tools..

Some reason is bringing up this so i m gonna put. I have feed button and i have a question. We can click here we can find what we need if we put other features my issue is not listed. However something else click yes.

Here you type in your snapchat. Username. You type in your email address and the information. We so know so do that quickly so.

As you can see here. I ve written my information and basically..

This is the crucial part on the message you want to write i want to change my username put the username you want to change to say please and put nfc this stands for need for change. And if you write this they are very very low. So you wanna seeee so in a sense if you wait a bit. I m gonna wait about our cell and see what happens so it s been a few hours.

I m back with snapchat as you can see right there they have actually changed my username for me so this words guys try it out if you want to change the username sic method really easy to do hope you guys enjoy its really amendment ally subscribe comment ordered that ” ..

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