How to Change YouTube Channel Icon 2017

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“I d like to go ahead and show you nhow to change your youtube icon icon or also known as your profile picture. So this is nactually not too difficult. Let s go ahead and get started here so let s go nto the main page of youtubecom. Make sure you are logged in in the upper nright hand corner and then you want to come over to the left where it says.

My nchannel now if you don t see this drop down menu just go where the three bars nare up here and just click on once. And that menu should show up so let s go nahead and hit my channel. Okay once on your channel. What you want to do is nright up here to the upper left is where your icon or profile picture is going to nbe.

So we re going to hover over we re going to look for this little pencil nright here so let s click on that right away..

You re going to see a pop up that nsays your channel icon comes with your google account changes may take a few nminutes to show on your channel. So once it gives that warning let s just go nahead and hit edit. Now a quick note you kind of wonder about the it guy for nyoutube that has to direct you off of youtube onto a different platform to nchange your profile picture. I think this guy must have spent a little too much ntime in his mommy s basement.

So anyways. What you want to do next. We re going to nsee right here. It says.

Upload photo let s click on that nand go ahead and pick the photo either your profile picture or your icon..

You nwant to use and hit choose at this point. It s going to pop up and nyou do have an option of grabbin. So i m actually holding down my left key on my nmouse and i m dragging up and down to crop. The profile picture.

So i m going to ncrop this about right there. And i m going to hit done okay. It shows up right nhere and if you did want to change. It again.

All you have to do is hit that nlittle picture right there..

If you decide to go with a different one and now it ll nactually take you back to the upload screen let s click out of that now let s ngo ahead. And we re going to click out of this area. Now you re going to notice nyou. re going to come back.

And you notice that your profile picture or your icon. Nhas. It changed. Yet well it does take a little bit.

I ve seen it up to 24 hours nsometimes before you even get the new profile changed on here nso once again that s a i t guy that created this program to go off site is a nfreaking idiot..

So it makes our life difficult. But anyways. If this video nhelped you out definitely hit that like button down below subscribed. If you nhaven t subscribed.

Yet and share this video with anybody you think it might nhelp them out and we ll catch you guys. ” ..

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