How to Clean a Mac Screen, Monitor, or Display

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“I work on this mac. Every single day and invariably the screen gets pretty dirty. Dirty. And i don t really notice until i let it go to sleep or shut.

It down for the night and then once in a while i decided to clean it and i finally found a good way of doing that and it s one because one of these by using one of these brillo. I guess i m not even sure what it s called these yellow sponges with two sides of abrasion. But if the yellow side works pretty well so i just get some water on it i squeeze all of the water out as much as i can and you can see a spot like that pat does a really good job of taking that off i don t know what kind and then it gets pretty foggy right so that s where the cloth that comes with your mac is gonna come into play..


So once you ve got that s an area up here with all of the worst debris. Sort of removed using your your sponge. And this one s probably still a little too wet. I come in with that cloth that came with your mac just really buff.

This thing. So let s see what that looks like in one spot use the one side. The one side gets a little too little too damp it over..


He s a fresh dry spot dry side to it just go just go to town and you ll see it start to evaporate the water. It s probably a better cleaning agent than water. But i get pretty good results you can see just on that one corner. There s sort of the cloudy area that i started with and as you moved this way cleaner cleaner cleaner cleaner until it s like that brand new sheen so that s how i m cleaning my computer these days.

Please comment. If you have a better system thanks so after considerable polishing you can see that this screen is getting pretty there s this cloudiness that this cloudy residue that sticks around after you ve done your work with the sponge and the water but coming through with the cloth. You can see there s a bit more up there still with just circular motions like that so there s a bit right here..


You just kind of buff that out with this cloth and just repeatedly. I mean it takes some to take some time but repeatedly doing that gets this gets this monitor really clean and obviously you want to be doing this while the monitor is asleep are off just so it s black and you can actually make out that that cloudy a bit of i don t know what you even call that just residue. And yeah just this cloth that comes with your computer you can also get it from an optometrist will have this same type of non abrasive glasses cleaning cloth. If you go to an optometrist you can get this microfilament cloth.

I don t actually know what they re called. But they re intended not to do leave any scratches. And you just do this like forever..


And then eventually your your monitor is extremely clean. There s a bit right by the camera. There you just keep ” ..


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