How to clean a Wii properly / Cleaning the Nintendo Wii

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“Everybody in this tutorial. I m gonna show you how to claim the read properly properly and these are the tools you re gonna need you re gonna need some wool alcohol toothpicks swab sticks. When all the toothbrush and one cloth first of all you be sure that everything is disconnected with the electricity i m gonna clean this both parts my first let s start with this one on the top of the wheel. You ve got those two places here for the cables.

And for the memory card and as this two places here are always closed you just go they re not really dirty you just go with the gloves like this and clean in a little bit don t put any alcohol..

Otherwise. You re gonna may be damaged inside just like that and then you can close it under the way you ve got these little holes and then you can just clean it a little bit like that with the toothbrush that s where sometimes a little bit goes just like this and here you can also with the toothbrush just clean. It a little bit to get the dust away and then here. Where the disk goes also gently with the toothbrush.

You re gonna do the same here and just take the dust away..

If there is dust with the toothbrush and just close it and then with the toothpick you re just gonna go around and get the dust away just. Where you think it s a little bit dirty like that now to clean the hallway. The body you just gonna put some alcohol on the cotton whoa and you re gonna clean all the wheel all around the body just like that on the top don t forget anywhere just like this and the other side and they will this will give a little bit shine and the dust from the wig is gonna go away. And if you think you have to clean on the little holes.

You just go with the swab stick like this and then you get the clot and just try it just like that it s very important the front of course it s very important that you keep the console very nice and clean without any dust and here and all over and on the top and now i m gonna clean this part one here and i must say that is full of dusty here..

So it needs a real clean here i m taking the cotton wool with alcohol and i m cleaning the foot like that around first to get rid of the dust. And then i m gonna take the tooth brush and just brushing away the dust first. I see the dust coming out and i m gonna give very nice clean again with the alcohol here you can use lots of alcohol. Without any problem.

It won t damage at all and it s just good for your week and here..

But only use the outcome inside of any parts and here a little bit yes and here on the foot okay and then i m gonna use the cloth to dry. It and to give it a shine like that and it s ready both parts are nice and clean. I can put it together and connect all the cables and put on it the electricity and then i can start to play. It s very important that you keep your games your consoles always nice and clean that will it will last longer thanks very much for watching and ” .


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