How To Clean VCR Heads – Improved Method

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“By transistor sandwich check. The video description for more hello everyone black 11001 here today. Today. I m going to show you how to clean the heads of your vcr.

I already made a video on this before but i was told by many people that i was doing at the completely wrong way and that i should not be doing it this way. And you know i kind of agree with that and now that they mentioned the new method that makes more sense. I m gonna try this what you need is your vcr of course..


Phillips head screwdriver probably piece of paper and that s it so cleaning your vcr heads might help if you if you re having video quality issues across all of your tapes. If you re having random wines showing up or if you re having some distortions in the image. Something like that including the heads might help so the first thing you want to do is locate screw holes on your vcr and in my case. I ve got this one on the side here okay.

So we ve got this one on the back right here take that out okay. Now that you ve taken all the screws. The next step is to go ahead just take the top cover off so i m going to start at the back..


And there we go now we can see all the goodies on the inside that we need to look at all right so this right here is a major part of the vcr. This is called the video head drum. This is where all the video heads are on your vcr. And there are usually two or four in this case.

This is a four head vcr so we have four of them to clean. So what you re gonna want to do take your piece of paper here the best way to do this is rip it off and you want to fold. It up and now what you want to do is you want to take this edge and you want to cover it in your alcohol..


Okay so now that i ve wet my piece of paper what i m gonna do is i m gonna rotate the video drum using my finger and only touching the top edge here going to find black spots. There those are the actual video heads that read the information off of the video tape so what you want to do is take your piece of paper and just put it in there run. It horizontally across the video heads are and then rotate. It the drum head until you make a few cycles and get them all clean okay so you probably won t see much of anything come off of there and usually you won t unless it s extremely dirty the part that you might also want to clean in here just to avoid stuck videotapes or something like that there are these pinch rollers here.

They are rubber parts. And it probably wouldn t hurt to just take a piece of paper towel or something. Let s get it a bit wet with the alcohol over there and run it across those two to make it nice and clean there s also other heads in this machine which i m going to clean there s another head over here let s see right here just gonna leap up and down do your race head..


It s gonna do that and that s it now i have to put your vcr back together all right now wait but look at the top cut. We re back on just same way to put it took it off insert the front first and put your screws back in that s all there is to it you ve successfully cleaned your vcr heads so hopefully you can watch your vhs tapes. ” ..


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