How To: Connecting A PCIe GPU Without A 6-Pin Power Cable Video Tutorial

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” s up guys welcome to this video tutorial in the coda. Okay so today i i want to talk about how you can draw power to your pci express graphics. Without a pci express and 16 adapter okay so the pci express. 16.

Adapter looks a little something like this we ve got two standard 4 pin molex connectors and that goes into a 6 pin molex adapter f. 16 pci express adapter and the 16 plugs into your graphics card just there and the reason for this is because a pci express port on a little ball can only draw 150 watts of pillar and in some cases. Your graphics card might need more than that so to compensate for this you have to get power from an external source now i molex to pci express adapter will give you an extra 75 watts of power so you can learn them more powerful graphics card and okay so i brought this geforce gtx 660 graphics card the other day and then realized my existing power supply doesn t have the adapter so body tamil realized by the time alcohol makes too lazy to go out and buy an adapter sold to so i could use my computer. The same day because my existing graphics card was not good and i had to compromise a decoration body gap times.

I m working through a new seven. I m going to see what practical to go into off ebay. And what i do have to compromise so we gave application for that night because i don t watch normal tv. And the computer is my only source of entertainment.

So to compromise. I made my own adapter now so this ability be firm and i must warn you know that it s not completely safe. Only usually a temporary measure and do so at your own risk i won t take any responsibility for damage caused to your motherboard graph odd or anything else so this is completely at your own risk so for this trick. You will need a molex adapter.

And it s the female model marlax adapter that you need which is one of these razors plug it into a normal model it s 4 pin connector and you will also need six lawyers now the ones. I m using are these wires here which have already got the molex connectors on and where we can join them up to the molex adapter mother housing and also i ll connect them to the graphics card now these cables have been taken off a faulty go back we had a molex splitter. So we went from two two from one to two more legs. And the one slope with male and the other side was female.

So we ve taken these worse. And it s purely for simplicity. We don t have to solve any wires or anything like that so try and get those one of the d camera or join together. And but if not you can always just doing the tube together or preferably.

You will need to have these pins on the end of them okay. So i ll just show you a bit more on the graphics card. So we ve got the 6 pin connector here and essentially these connectors are three ground and three live or three ground into life. So the top of the adapter is usually the ground.

We ll do try and get a volume in diagram before you do this and brought century. It s just free ground and three life. I know this is going to work off to live and three ground as you ll see from this adapter here..


We ve got the two live. Which are yellows and we ve got the three black ones. Which are grained and you can t see very well. But the reefs.

There are three lawyers. But two of them going to one pin and the middle pin is just kept completely empty. So you might you might see that separation. There and the middle pin on the live is completely blank.

And there s actually nothing going to the at all so we re going to use to live and three grand now as i said the ground guards that go to the top where the middle goes in and the live still on the bottom. So you need your female male adapter and your sequence. Okay so what you re going to do is you re going to get the two wires and position with any use of red and black and we re going to use these for the ground. So i place the ground on the two middles.

It s firmly dopings. We re going to use the ground because they re the green ones on them on the power supply. So we re going to pop them in there like that and you do need to try and lock these in place. But for now we just go put them in loosely.

So those are to ground and alive. He s going to go on the 12 volt. Law. Which glows is going to go on the left hand side.

If we can select it in there. We ve got just going to go on the left hand side just like that so as you can see there it s backwards on here. What we do need to ensure that we match the hook. So as you can see by the rounded corners.

They are matched up and we ve got the yellow for the life yellow for life and then we ve got a black ground in the middle. Which we are using a red cable for so black in the middle and black directly next to it which is another ground cable. If you look on the other adapter you see you ve got the live and the two grand so they match up perfectly. Now unfortunately.

We can t make one of these connectors. Unless you ve got a spare block of one line of ends on the web somewhere so all we do to rectify these and we see why i said you need the ones. The cables..


We d depends on what we re going to do to rectify. This is you re just going to push the pins inside the cable. So the live wires. We need to put on the bottom pin.

And i ll just try and get this on the camera. And we just slot them in place like that so we re going to slot them onto it onto the actual pins a nice connection. So it s going to slot. The pins in like that so it s not the well they re actually the wrong ones.

We re going to use the live going to stop the live in and then so the live are connected just like that and slot. It into place. The biker connection and the sound with the ground now before we do that we do need to insulate the cables to ensure that the grounds don t touch alive because you will get a pretty low bank and it will completely throw your graphics card so what we go for this is we take some standard installation tape electrical tape and we re going to cover the outer edges of all the pinions okay so we ll just find the end here. And i ll just show you what i mean by cover the edges of the pins.

Okay. So we take a bit of tape and we ll do it with the live first. I m starting at the very end and we go want to convert the middle hull. Because we need to slop that income onto the pin on a graphics card so we just completely insulate the metal contacts on the wire.

So there s an old metal showing at all as you can see it s completely covered the metal pin with the hole in the middle still available to strut into the graphics card. I m going to do that we ve also acquired okay guys so i d be pause the video to do this. And because it would have been able would have been running on a little bit too long. But essentially if you all you need to do and just cover all seek contacts to ensure that none of the short circuit and talk to each other we don t want to cause any unnecessary foilers and i m also warn you again these could cause a fire if these contacts is the live and the ground work to change all that it could cause a fire it could render your graphics card or even your motherboard completely useless and it could also blow your whole electrics.

So ensure that these are well covered and again just leave the middle pins. Available solder to push them into the graphics card now lisa. This is no complete or this party needs anyway now what you want to do what you might want to do is just type up a few of these wires around about in the middle. Just for cable management to stop them getting messy and stop them.

Putting each other items in gloucester. We re going to skip that step from there because as i say we managed to pick one of these up now and this we paid. I think it was for peg 89 in macklin. So it s a pretty decent bargain and even after the new pope atkins is always available is a good spare so around about just under five handing people.

An easel from a local hardware local electrical or computer store. And so i do recommend getting one of these as soon as possible. This is of course just a temporary solution until you get can get down to your local computer store..


And get one that s it for purpose okay so next what we need to do is connect garnish coddle inside the computer and connect these wires to the graphics card okay guys now i have the graphics card installed and all screwed in tightly we can get to connecting this cable up all right so the first thing you re going to want to do i m going to need to put the camera down a sec for this it s just connect this cable to your power supply. Okay. So now that s done we have the connector connected up to the power supply. And again it has to be a female connector.

So you can plug into one of these four pm and connectors and now we re just left with the sikhs wires. So what we want to do is we want to ensure first of all that we are connecting the cables to the correct pins on the graphics card. So as you can see we ve got the lives. We ve got the live connectors matched up and you see the yellow cable here that s the 12 volt.

Life and that connects to these two yellow cables. Here and secondly. We ve got two green cables. The two middle ones and they connect to these four cables here so we re going to connect the live cables first so we re just going to plug these in to the pins and stick them directly on the pins.

One on the right one on the left and if you are sure that your middle. One is used for life and 12 volts volt. Then you can care two third one up. As well.

If you wish and the second one the second part is to connect with the ground. So just going to push these directly on again and these completely insulated cell. They ve got no chance of touching each other so that s one that s two and then one of these four ground cables three okay so this fourth. One you might want to just completely cap off.

So. There s no chance of any short circuit. So to do that all you need to do is just cover the middle of it and we re not we re just going to do it rough for now. We re just going to do that so there s no chance of a short circuit.

And that making sure that the middle of the pin. Doesn t tilt any metal. Okay so once that s complete you can go ahead and power up your computer. And it should start to work.

I m going to take our hdmi cable and just plug it in the back of the rapid start. If i can get the right angle. Okay..


I ll just lift that up so you can see that in the back of the graphics card. There and then we re going to go ahead and pair this machine on okay and we ll turn it on no smog and there we have our outputs. So we re just going to boot into windows. Here.

Which as you might hear the funds on the gpu are working. So you see it s working fine. And there we go okay next. I m going to get some internet boy look okay.

That one will do just move that out of the way. As you can see from the top corner 65 per second. So it s a loom. Know that i m going to squish some games and just follow up again.

So you can see the responsiveness of the graphics and bear in mind that we are using a 300 watt pale back here. We for our drives connected so. We ve got two solid state drives connected and we ve also got two and 35. Been televised connected so we are putting with utilizing.

All power on the game here still on 60 frames per second. It will drop a little bit while it s logging this game. But that s perfectly normal for this particular game you go i see we have no lag and very mind on this game. And we do have things set too high and so that running pretty sweet at 60 frames per second considering.

We are long using essentially one molex adapter. I ll just fight for a zombie. Too lot to jump else with me putting your home plate properly can t play properly because i m only using one hand. But there you can see it s william suite.

It s staying on to 60 frames per second as well so it s working exactly as it should now as i said this should only be a temporary solution. I wouldn t recommend i wouldn t recommend doing this permanently well there you know whatever whatever you prefer. But as you say gasoline absolutely fine and no problems at all and and there s now smoke coming from the graphics card. So everything s good our guys.

I hope this helps at least temporarily with your problems and thanks for watching i ll see you all again soon. ” ..

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