How To Control your TELEVISION Volume and Power from the Xbox One S by voice commands

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“There my name is vince from my mate vince calm and in this video today. Today. I m going to show you a really good feature. Which allows the xbox control your tv.

So you can do volume up and down via the xbox and you can also mute the tv by the xbox and you can turn your tv on and off via the xbox. So when you turn your xbox on your tv will come on and when you turn your xbox off your tv will come off. Now you don t have to do these features. Because if it s your main tv.

A lot of the time you will probably be watching your set top box or freeview channels on that tv. So when you turn your xbox off you might not want the tv to turn off. But maybe if it was a bedroom tv and all you use was the xbox on it then it s a handy feature. Because you can leave the remote control for the tv down to one side.

You don t have to touch. It you can do all your controlling via the xbox. So let s set it up to begin with and then i ll show you it working so to set it up with you need to go to settings. And then go across to all settings and you need to go down to where it says tv and one guide that s that one there and you need to go up to device control and press.

A and at the moment. It says device control. It says tv. Not set so we re going to press a tv set up choose your tv model to control your tv power and volume through your xbox so i m going to press.

Ok again and it says select one and if you go down there it says lg panasonic samsung sharps sony toshiba blah blah blah but that s it there s not many to choose from there my tv is it quite cheap tv. So hitachi tv. And it s probably not popular enough for the xbox to recognize it it s not a problem you can still get it to work. So just press b to get rid of that then go down to i do not see my brand that one at the bottom and press a and it asks you to input your brand.

So that s what i m going to do now h i t a c h. I and then go down to enter and then go to next and now it says here s what we found pick yours selects. One. And it has now come up with hitachi and another brand had tar chief fujian.

So i m not sure..

Which one which one to do because they both begin with hitachi. So i m just going to start with the first one there hitachi and press. A and then i m going to go to next. Now.

Would you like to be guided through the tv setup or would you like to enter the model yourself well because it didn t find my tv to begin with i think i m going to get the xbox to guide me through it because there s a good chance. If i enter the model number is probably not going to work so i m just going to press a to guide me now it says let s send the mute to your tv. Now i know on my tv. The mute comes up on the left hand side there so keep watching in that top corner.

And let s see if the new command comes up so i m going to go to a to send commands now it says did the mew come on work well. I didn t see anything so i m not going to press. Yes. And whenever.

There s no press. A again now. It s going to try it again. And it will keep trying it until you see it so i m going to put send commands and there you go the symbols come up in the top left.

So did the mute command work yes. It did so i m going to press. A and now it says next. We re going to send the volume up command to your tv to make sure we can control it so let s go to volume up and let s see if it comes up down the bottom here.

And there we go you can see now that the volumes moved so did the volume up command work. I m going to press. Yes. And now.

It s going to do send info display to your tv to send commands and there you go. It s now brought up the info. The same as if i was to press info on the remote control. So all these settings now are being done via the xbox.

But it s the same as pressing the remote control and the actual tv..

So yes that works and that s it now your tv is set up so right now my tv will work for when i say like hey cortana volume up volume down etc. But i also want it to turn my tv on and off so this is where i m going to go to press b to go back to device control. And i m going to go to this option here. Which has power device power options and i m going to press.

A and now if i go the only thing i ve set up so far is the tv i haven t set up the cable satellite box or an audio audio receiver so it won t let me do anything apart from change the settings off the thing. I ve already set up so. If you have a look there. It says tv on the left hand side.

And it says when xbox turns on sends now at the moment. It says nothing. But i m going to press. A because i want to have it turn the tv on so if i go to toggle what happens when the xbox turns on it will now turn the tv on and if you go to this one.

Here. It says. When xbox turns off send nothing. I m going to change that to toggle.

Which means when the xbox turns off the tv will turn off like i said. If you want to watch free preview or something. If this is your main tv leave that nothing. But i m gonna have it so pretend now that this tv is only ever working on the xbox.

So let s now try. These commands and see if they re working hey cortana volume up. There you go you can see that it s gone up and it goes up in increments of three so at the moment. We were on 35 hey cortana volume up there we go and now it s contr.

38. Now let s try volume down hey cortana volume down there we go. And it s dropped it back to 35. Now.

I m going to try to mute hey..

Cortana. Mute. And there we go in the top left hand corner has come up with mute. So it won t be working.

Now. So. The volume on the tv has been muted let s say for phone call came through or something. Now.

Let s try turning the xbox off. Hey. Cortana xbox off this says go to sleep. Yes.

Okay. Let s says see you later. Now. If you have a look down.

Here. The xbox is flashing. So that s going to be off in a minute. But look at that little light now it s gone from blue.

Where it says hitachi now that will go to the red know when it s on reddit s on standby so at the moment. My xbox is now off and my tv s gone to standby so i can just leave it like that now let s say you know a few hours have passed for the next day. You want to play it again hey cortana xbox on there we go xbox is coming on. But now more importantly look at the tv that will start to boot itself up again.

And i m not haven t got my hands on the remote control or anything. This is all done via the xbox and then we go so i m you re back in again. Now you don t have to do this on the kinect you can do this fire your headset. So let s say you haven t got the connects.

What i m going to do is i m going to turn the kinect off all settings..

Let me just turn the kinect off connecting devices connect turn that off so. Now my kinect is no longer on if you look up there no lights on it now let s plug the headset in controller. And you ll be able to do the same settings now buy the headset. Hey cortana volume up there you go hey cortana mute.

So hey cortana turn xbox off yes and there we go it will turn it off. But obviously now what will happen is when there when it goes to sleep. Remember the kinect is turned off now when this goes to sleep your headset will no longer work because the controller has been turned off so to turn it back on again. All you have to do is hit this xbox button.

There and then everything will liven up and if you look at the red light on the tv that should start flashing blue and then it will go to blue and the tv will turn on so i think that s a really useful feature if you had a samsung tv or a sony tv. It s going to be easier again because it s going to recognize it straight away rather than having to type in hitachi. But if your tv s unbranded. What i would suggest is try to find out so for example.

I ve got a tv in the house. Which is unbranded. But the remote control is exactly the same as another tv. So on that on in that instance.

I would probably put in that tv with the brand on even. Though i want i want it working on the unbranded tv. Because remember a lot of these tvs. They re made in the same factory with the same insides.

So even if your tvs unbranded if you can try and find out online. Maybe by looking at the remote control or who makes the inside you might well find that you know hitachi will make other tvs as well or other the insides of other tvs will be similar to hitachi that s just an example you know not many tvs are unbranded. But you probably will be able to do this no matter. What your tv is ok thanks.

A lot for watching please give it a thumbs up if it helped you out take. ” ..

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