How To Create A New Steam Account

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“You just bought a game. Oh you just downloaded steam. So you can go and and buy games. But you don t have an account and you really really want set one up so you can actually start playing the games well in this video.

I m going to show you how to do that quickly and easily through this steam login so obviously the first thing you want to do is you just want to install steam and just open it up and then you should come up with a window like this so then what you want to do is you want to create a new account and then just create a new account again then just click next to the stuff. And i agree then what you want to do is you want to create an account name and this is basically what s going to be shown at the top of your steam window and it s what people are going to be able to identify you by so just so i ll just type in anything you can t use steam or valve in your names. I don t know why. But if i just try it if i just try steam test123 or something and then just type in any random password you see that it says that the name cannot.

Contain steam or valve..

So we re gonna have to take this away. I ll change the password to it s really weak you want to make sure that you have a strong password with letters numbers and symbols as well as capital letters. So i m just going to call the username state ninety six test because that shouldn t be taken and then i ll just make a password and just input. It again and just hit next.

It s not as strong as it could be but i think it s strong enough then you have to put a valid email address and it s importantly put a valid email address because any time you buy a game or just to set up steam. They need to contact you by your email address. If you put one that s not a real email. Jesse.

You re gonna have some trouble..

So you want to put a proper email address. So i ll just put my email address. I didn t use for steamed beef. I o and sit next then it should say steams working while just setting up your account and tea.

You can put a secret question in so i m just going to write anything random. I m not like childhood hero. I ll just put i put penguins in of course. You want to put an answering that you can actually remember.

But i don t want to really um expose my secret question answers so i m just going to type in randleman and then just hit next..

And it should go ahead and create your account for you and of course your secret question will be used if you want to retrieve the account if you forget your password. So all your information is going to be shown here. I m going to blank out my password. So you can all see it and i ll just hit finish and then that s it you ve got a steam account and as you can see because i ve got steam family sharing set up it shared the games from my other account.

Which is quite nice so after you do this you want to just press. Yes. So it can verify your email address and you need to do this. Before.

You can confirm purchases and start using steam properly..

So it s just going to send you an email. So i just got the email on my phone. So i ll just go to it and there s just basically a big blue link in it that you just want to press. So when i press that you should see that the green goes away and that s it steam is verified and it s ready to go so that s it that s how you set up a new steam account thank you for watching this how to video if you liked it be sure to hit the big big white subscribe button like right underneath me.

I m sure to check out the other playlists and this video was in right to the side over there and be sure to check out the previous video. That was made in this channel right down this way so i ll see you all next time and thank you for ” ..

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