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“This is digital bike computing. Today. We can look at how to get photos displaying displaying as a screensaver on an apple tv. So we ve got a tv back running an apple tv.

This is a nice earth screen saver. But you may have some photos. Some good memories of home family friends and you want to be able to display those onto your apple tv. The steps are very very easy we re going to cover how to do that from a mac.

So you re going to need a mac to do this if you have a windows pc. We re going to go through that on another video that is not for this video today. We re going to be focusing on the mac os so let s now just log in to your mac. We re going to go out to my screen on my mac and show you how to get the photos off your computer on to your icloud.

Essentially and then displaying them on your apple tv that s behind me okay. So here we are logged in we are running mac. Os catalina. Again.

This process is going to be very similar on earlier versions of mac os. If you re running mojave or earlier versions. The process is really going to be the same but from your mac. We want to open up the photos app.

So down here. I ve got photos listed. If you don t have it on here. You can also open this up from the finder and photos inside the applications area.

Within the finder now photos is pre installed pre populated by your mac..

When you first buy it. When you first install mac. Os. It will already come in there by default let s go ahead and open.

This assuming that you have been using the photos up because this is really the application that we are going to use to be able to copy the photos on to your apple tv and display them on your apple tv. So if you have photos you know in multiple folders on your computer. If you re using a different photo management application. Then this guide won t really help what you re going to need to do is you need to copy those photos.

Import those photos into your photos into this photos application to be able to do what we needed to do so. If you have as i said if you ve got a folder called photos on your desktop somewhere in your macintosh hard drive go ahead and grab those import them you can create multiple albums within. Here so right clicking under these albums area creating albums and then just you know sorting them accordingly to make it nice and easy to manage all of your photos. That s the first step so we re using photos.

Now there is an area in here called shared ok you ll see it right here. And if you select on the activity area you see that currently there are no shared albums so shared albums is what we re going to be using to be able to essentially share that album worth of photos on to your apple tv now we are going to be using your icloud. So you need to have some form of storage on an icloud account. If you don t have an icloud account you ll need to create that first but if you re running a mac.

If you re running generally an apple tv you may have already configured it if you ve got an iphone and ipad. You may already have one there as well so make sure that you have that apple id handy because that s what that s what essentially what we re going to use now from within here. We can now select start sharing now. It s going to say they need to turn on shared albums.

And you can do this through the preferences of your settings. So if i click on settings. It s going to open this area up right here okay this is the same area by accessing photos. Preferences at the top.

I can also access the settings area right..

Here. General is what we re seeing right here under icloud. We now see icloud photos. We see my photo stream and we see shared albums now we re going to be using shared albums.

So this is create an album to share with other people and subscribe to other people s shared albums so go ahead and tick on shared albums alright that is really the first step. We have now enabled shared albums on your on your photos. Okay now can click on close you ll see that now some stuff has changed now you can now see right here. There s some more information currently it s empty and then i ve got shared albums right here now i ve actually already created a couple of shared albums in previous you know in other photos.

Libraries that i already have so i ve already got a holidays album and i ve got one here when i went to japan and south korea. So they ve already been pre populated and i ve already dumped a whole bunch of photos into those what i want to now do is create two new shared albums. So that i can display them on my apple tv now i ve got two albums on my actual computer right here. I ve got one called park.

I ve got a nice set of photos in here. And i ve got a nice set of flower photos in here and i want to have both of these displaying on my apple tv. So i need to go into shared albums right here and click on the little plus symbol right here and it s going to ask me what the the album should be called we re gonna say park photos. I can leave a comment.

I can invite other people because really what shared albums lets you do as well is you can share that with family and friends you can give them the shared access to your shared folder to your shared album as well. So we re gonna just leave that as the default. No we re not gonna do anything else here park photos and we re gonna create one more called flower photos. So the next step is now to copy some photos into those particular locations.

So let s say i ve got park photos. I like all of these photos. I m going to select them all and then really all i need to do is i need to now drag them into park photos. That may take a little bit of time because essentially what it now needs to do is a now needs to upload those photos up onto the cloud.

While that s doing that i m also going to do the same thing for flowers..

I m going to select all my flower photos and copy drag those in to flower photos. Now remember this may take some times just be patient let it do its thing. Okay so the photos have now shown up so they re now within flower photos and park photos. That means that they are now on the cloud.

So we re now going to switch over to the apple tv. So here we are on the apple tv. Now the very first thing that you want to need to do is you need to connect your apple tv to your apple id you ll see that there are a number of applications right here and i ve got my settings right here so i can click on settings and down to users and accounts. There are two accounts here on your apple tv that we care about one is icloud and one is home sharing you want to have both of these set up so that they are logged in to your icloud your your apple id essentially generally when you set up your apple tv for the very first time you need to set it up and connect it to an apple id.

If you don t have one it allows you to create one but get that logged in first so go ahead and select. I glad and home sharing and then log in with your apple id first once you ve done that go up to the photos application right here open that up and it now gives you an option to turn on icloud photos. So if you haven t done this yet do this now so click on turn on it will then just say when you turn on icloud. Photos.

Your photos. And videos can be viewed by everyone who uses your apple id. Which is what we really want it to do so turn on icloud photos. It will then ask you to input your password for the for your apple id throw that in and then sign in if everything goes well you re now going to be presented with some photos that you have shared into your icloud account.

So if you scroll over to share you ll see that right here. There are my four albums flower. Photos park photos. And then a couple of holiday ones.

So inside my flower. One are the photos that we uploaded you can literally just select one of these photos initially view them and then swipe to be able to see those photos that you have now uploaded from your computer. Now that that is done let s go back to the home. So now we can go in two settings and from within here.

We want to select the general tab up the very top and then the second option down..

Which is screen saver. Now by default are the type of screen saver that this is using is arial. Which of those screen savers at apple will release on a weekly basis. The videos of you know drone footage etc.

But you can now select those photos that you ve just uploaded by going into type and down the very bottom you ve got my photos. So if you select on my photos. Your shared folders will now show up right in here. Select park photos.

We want that one to be it and now i click back and back and that is really it so now the type is my photos and from within my photos. It s set as parked photos. So i can now go back. And i can now change a few other things i can select when i want it to start if i wanted to set up to five minutes.

If i wanted to it enough it to play during music and podcasts. So if it is playing some music from your apple tv your screensaver can still go on and then what sort of transition do you want how do you want the photos to go from one to another so there s some cool ones for example you ve got origami we can select that and then we can click on preview and we can sort of see what that looks like all right nice and easy you can click back. I can change that to flip up and go to preview and then sort of shows you a preview of what that flip up transition looks like one that i generally like to use is just random. So it will pick a random one of these and it will change every time all right so i can select random and preview.

And let it do its thing. So there you go they are the simple settings on how to transfer photos over to your icloud. Into your apple tv and then display them as a screen saver hope you found this video. Helpful.

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