How To Easily Install Download Apps on Samsung RU7100 Smart TV 4K in 2020! Free Movies & TV Shows!

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“How s every don t today hopefully. Everybody s having a great day so today today i m gonna revisit the samsung ru 7100 4k smart tv which is available 43 inches all the way up to 75 inches and obviously i ve already done a couple reviews on this guys. An overall review. Also done best picture quality settings.

Reviews. I ll put those links in the description. But today. We re going to talk about the apps.

I realized a lot of people cry buy these smart tvs to you know cut the cord save money so they don t use the cable or don t have cable and they pretty much want to use it for the apps. And so i m going to use just the remote that comes with the uh you know the smart tv and we re gonna start on hitting the home key now as you can see that the home button brings you up right here. And it shows you all the the apps on the bottom. And i m gonna go over things today guys i kind of move apps how to download install apps.

Maybe we ll touch on the universal guide just really pretty much telling you how to do things. With the apps. Which obviously a lot of them are free to download and free to use some are pay like hulu for example would be pay netflix is pay. I recently found out that voodoo on the bottom has some free movies.

Which is great you know they do have commercials. Obviously have youtube you know you have spotify to lists and the music so we go to the bottom guys. And as you can see you know again these are some of the ones. I mentioned you know netflix vudu and they pretty much when you buy this tv a lot of them are preset on the bottom.

Because i guess they re trying to recommend them or promote them. Which is fine like. But you know i wouldn t want like hulu or apple tv for example. Because i don t have either.

I m not paying for a subscription service. So for example. If you want to move something say hulu right here you re wondering well. How do you move stuff you just actually go down on a remote.

It actually tells you to move or remove. So i can remove. It if i wanted to push that button it ll go bye bye. Or i can move and move.

Means. I can put it anywhere on the list maybe i want at the very bottom because it s not something i have then they just release it and now it s all the way at the bottom. So that s something really easy. But something that you guys need to know how to do because you really want to just have your favorite apps in the beginning.

So let s go into if you go all the way to the left guys. This is the apps icon and those recommended ones. I don t think you can remove that s the ones are trying to promote they probably have deals with you know getting kickbacks all those shady things behind closed doors are doing but we ll push the apps button this is gonna load all the apps will pretty much show you the main screen and this is telling you all the apps like editor s choice. Most popular you know as you can see i have a several these installed like netflix youtube and amazon.

Prime. And shows. You that they re installed. And then if we scroll over here.

Like you know maybe people want sling tv or hbo go spotify. I have installed facebook watch. So it s a pretty convenient there say for example we want to download hbo watch. What you re gonna do is just push you know the main enter button here.

And it s gonna open it up and then it s gonna tell us about it..

Which is great. It s gonna you know with hbo. Go you can watch big premieres as the air plus. Every episode of hbo is addictive series such as game of thrones west world barian.

Oh. So much more so it s great a little description. Then they give you some screenshots on the bottom. So you know if you want to do install it you know you just highlight the install button.

And then click install you know and then i would be added to your list. You know so it s very cool very convenient more things you know group content. You know where you want to just search. Maybe.

Different music stations and radios for example. So it s pushed that see where that takes us and here. We go we have all different apps for music for example. My heart radio.

That s something i ve used and download in the past. Spotify pandora. While napster napster is still alive or still around sirius satellite. You know that s probably pay one.

But you know it s great we have all these endless apps with the smart tv that come you know pre installed or pre. Recommended and you know you can pick and choose what you want to keep and use and then also different different things like video sports games. What about sports maybe we got some sports fans you guys remember sports used to be on tv. So again there s nbc sports.

That s probably you know one that s free or cheap you wwe you probably have to pay for that you know fox sports nfl sunday ticket ufc you know all different kind of sports apps. So pretty cool pretty convenient. Let s open up one guys will open up espn. Because i think espn does have some free content.

See what it tells us here all ages. And it tells you the size you do kind of wanna. Know the size of the apps guys because if you go overboard and download too many apps. It will just go you know you ll use up all your memory again always keep your apps up to date guys keep that in mind just like your tv.

You want to keep your smart tv up to date when any updates arise download them and again the screenshots which is pretty cool so you can see how it looks like the interface interaction alright. So let s go out of all this guys actually now let s not go out of this let s go to the very top and show you how to search for apps guys first of all you re gonna have to log in to your samsung tv and make an account you know with your email address. Which i did let me just show you that very quickly to see what that looks like i was just shown that i m signed in but you got to sign in or create account that is free to do just so you know so if we do a search app search guys so let s see actually i thought they re gonna give me some free things to do say uh. I don t know guys will put in the word what about just video.

We ll see what happens when we just type in video. We ll see what kind of apps. All these apps. There we go all these apps came up crackle that s another great free app.

We ll have commercials but you get free movies and some tv shows you ve got the hallmark hbo and say we just pop up here to crackle. So you push the button here and it again. It s gonna tell us about the crackle. What it s all about and price as you can see all the way left.

It says free you know so you want identify what you re free. Which cost money and if you want more information. Let s click more and it gives you a little more although that didn t really give us too much more. I made the font bigger on the screen.

So we can read it better so that s good..

But yeah. So it s really easy to search for anything you want you know just type it in on the search in the bottom. You know and it ll come up it gives you some recommendations on the screen as well i m so really easy to do this maybe you ll download crackle guys i ll just show you how it looks to install something i like crackle you re gonna see it s downloading right now and just like that you can it s already there so i can open it i can add it to the home page. So let s open it guys and check out crackle a little bit snap crackle pop.

I used to like that cereal back in the day when i had the chocolate or fruity ones. I think but i think this is a different crackle. I d see i d have to login if i want to make an account. We ll skip for now and again here.

We go crackle home tv movies so pretty convenient it shows you some of the movies that are available maybe. If you want to be a hit man you could watch this hit man movie if you re italian. It usually comes natural. So you probably need to watch the movie about it.

Fury is a brad pitt movie. It s not too old so. Yeah. You know it s decent amount of movies you guys can watch some comedy stuff.

Some reptile stuff hopefully i got some godzilla there s godzilla mm teenage mutant ninja turtles. So do some content on snapple alright. So let s back out of this exit. You know it s pretty quick on this tv.

You guys that go in apps go out of apps. So what else may i show you guys actually guys i m gonna show you let s show you this guide here this is actually called the universal guide. Which i didn t even really know exists until i really went into it so you push that button there and opens up a universal guide. Which is great this is kind of like you know if you don t have cable.

You have a free universal samsung guide which will show you all the free movies that are available whether their own apps that you have or you can download you know it s just pretty cool it s going to show you premiere movies these ones will be pay ones. Though. But maybe you want to rent some movies. You know i heard people write invisible man.

I heard it s like 20 a pop. Though i don t know what s going on with that stuff in out in the visible price birds of prey. We probably a cool movie the rent. But you probably want something that came out little more recent which you could do here s.

An opening day baseball movies feel good movies new releases. The rent rentals under three. Bucks that s cool so you have discounted rentals. 099.

Reynolds. That s pretty cool rent something for a buck for a good night comedies action. So let me give you an example. If we go on let.

Me say. Let me find a decent movie to open up guys. Who open up lethal weapon to it was never too big on his movies. But so it s gonna tell you about lethal weapon to in this high voltage sequel continues the adventure of los angeles detective riggs and murdock is that murdock murdock oscar winner mel gibson and danny glover as they try alright so you get the idea it gives you a description tells you starring.

So let s go to watch. Now actually before watch now if you look above it tell you where it s available. So it s available on vudu great that way i know it s free apple tv. You would have to pay.

I m gonna tell you some other things hulu..

But if we push the button for watch now here we go. It s gonna tell you the watch options well great i downloaded vudu already i can watch it for free and there we go apple tv would cost money and these other ones that s gonna cost money here s hulu free with subscription prime. If you wanted to buy it so it s really convenient to have all these options guys to download free apps. You know you might have to watch them with commercial or maybe you want to run them.

So that s pretty cool let s do a test here with the vudu. I really think vudu is becoming a pretty cool free app. Guys for a lot of movies. So let me show you this a little bit so it is connecting and since i already have account everything is you know fully updated and loaded so you look to the left you can watch it for free.

Which is great you can render by maybe just want to watch the trailer. You know pretty cool and you want to add it to your list. Which is great and they give you a great description right there it s very legible on the screen. Which i like but i thought this was pretty cool cast and crew.

So you can actually scroll to the right. And you check out who is in the cast for example singer. Maybe you know big mel gibson fan. I like mel gibson love.

The mad max movies for example probably wouldn t mind watching one so to click on mel gibson. And this is going to tell you all the movies and mail available for mel gibson. Whether they re free or they re by so these ones are probably all by here s one we can rent just for three bucks. Let s do else they have here s behind the scenes.

I guess met the madness of max. It s something you can rent some of these expendables should probably be free right guys know their choice allemaal. But this is just the idea guy here we go here s a free one the beaver. I guess that s about justin beaver.

I guess mel gibson jodie foster a big justin bieber fans and they want to make a movie about him. I don t know i never got the beaver fever. I think his jeans are a little too tight and i wish it would stop selling skinny jeans so normal italian guys at a little big below the waist you know could fit in their jeans. A little proper yeah more room and space sorry about that guys.

But i don t know its name in the movie not me i m so yeah. That s great you know you can just scroll through all the mel gibson movies you know maybe like danny glover. Danny glover was a good guy oh went back to mel gibson again. But yeah you can scroll through even the director to see what directors movies have you know different superman movies.

He directed richard donner then you do goonies. I think or one of those fun kids spielberg type movies. Any given sunday. Wow.

That was great although we went to assassins not a bad movie. Though so yeah guys. That s pretty pretty much a little example rundown of the voodoo. So what else guys can i talk about anything else on here actually i m projects gonna that s probably everything guys i guess i explained most of it let me just open up you know youtube for example just show you how that looks on the apps since i did open up a couple apps for you maybe will open up a couple and i like using youtube a lot guys you know you just log into your catholic.

Other one no. It s got things you listened to before like george michael. He s just looking for some fast love trying to relax in that video. I think so yeah.

But you know like if you go to your home page. You know you go to maybe some music to the left. Maybe you want to get some news gaming. You know it has all that different stuff you know and you watch what you want it s real easy with this tv to scroll through everything now i pick things you want things that are recommended.

I ve been watching nwa wrestling..

They brought that back recently. Which is pretty cool you know some ufc stuff hot boxing with iron mike tyson and dana white. I m like actually does some pretty good interviews. I kind of like those so yeah.

The youtube app is great on here with smart tv to use all right let s back out of this guy s so what else can we show you and again any time you want to go back to the apps like it just disappeared because i went back too far just hit the home button on your remote and you re back. So let s just open up netflix guys since obviously. That s a very big popular app. Definitely worth the twelve dollars a month or whatever.

It is nowadays you know you get all those analysts. Original content you know stranger things dark. You know dark spot. My favorite tv series ozark season three just came out over this weekend.

Which is great actually they re asking me to sign and i already signed in before guys. But i m not going to sign in again so let s see guys so i think that s it guys. But i want to make one point the point is that you got to understand it like you know you wonder what s the difference between what guys what s difference between the roku player amazon fire the smart tv apps. I have comcast xfinity which also has apps they all have a different variety so in case.

You didn t know the roku player has the most apps they just the most that you can download free pay they have the biggest variety um. The next would be amazon fire stick. And then it would be the comp and then it would be samsung smart tv and then it would be the cable. So sometimes you do want to buy the external boxes.

So you have more options more variety and give you example spotify. Spotify is great i like it a lot. But it s not available as an app on comcast xfinity. But it is available on the samsung smart tv and i m sure.

There s probably other apps. Out there that have that thing because again you know they re just all different so i m just to have more because there may for apps. The amazon fire stick has made traps comcast cable is building and growing. But it s not fully there yet so keep that in mind if i go i don t have my favorite app.

Well maybe you want to buy a fire stick for like you know 20 to 40 dollars. Which you know i ll put a link in the description below. Because i actually have a fire stick and as you can see all the way to the right you know i could just hit this and this is actually going to show me the fire stick app. And then i would use the fire stick remote which i can talk into.

Which is great and here s all my apps. Now i have my spotify of pandora. I have everything so again with this samsung tv guys you really can t go wrong for the price available in all different sizes. So i will put a link in description below.

Where you guys can purchase this on amazon and again. I do appreciate if you use my amazon links. So any questions or comment cards you can put them in a comment box below and hopefully. Enjoy the video you know i just wanted to give you a full tutorial on apps.

How to use them because they re just great and they re free and if you don t have comcast cable or any cable. You know you re gonna be watching streaming live stuff. So that s it guys see you later alligators have a great date night enjoyed life and as my friend says on average joe youtube. You always have time to be kind to somebody alright.

” ..

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