How To Extend Your Chromebook Display With USB Type C

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“The course of the last few years chromebooks have continued to ditch ports in general general across the board to the point where a lot of devices like the pixel sitting right here actually just have two ports and both of those ports are the same thing. A usb type c. But for a lot of users coming over from windows devices and maybe older laptops. They re not really sure exactly how to go from that usb type c.

To actually outputting on the screen and just recently. I had a conversation with a friend where they just weren t even sure what to do with that usb type c. Port. So we want to talk about that for today s chromebook tip tuesday while usb type c.


Can do basically everything i mean honestly it could be the port that just replaces every other type of cable. It can handle video it can handle audio it can handle data transfer it can handle charging i mean literally we could use usb type c. For everything we use a cable for and not have to have any other type of adapters. The issue kind of comes up in standards.

There s all kinds of different standards for data transfer speeds. And there s different standards for charging speeds and there s different standards for some of the visual outputs and and audio outputs so you need to know exactly what it is you re going to buy with all these competing standards with charging and audio and all that kind of stuff. It can get a little bit confusing to try to figure out the easiest way to go from usb type c to hdmi. But fortunately this is one area where usb type c seems to be kind of settled in at this point.


And in general we ve found that most of these doc s like this or even just the adapters that just have a usb type c. And an hdmi on them all seem to work just fine. Now you ll see some differences on amazon or best. Buy or anything like that between these.

So there s some that are nice and slim like this it s small it s easy to put in a bag. But it doesn t have a lot of port selection here you ve got your hdmi. That s gonna handle your video stuff you ve got one usb type a and that s gonna handle any peripherals you have like a mouse or keyboard something like that then you ve got a power pass through which allows your charger to also pass through this single usbc connection. But then from companies like o wc.


You get a slightly larger version of the same thing. But you get an additional usb type a then over here you get a sd card slot. And there going to be other docks that have even more ports and all that kind of stuff. So you kind of just got to look around decide how big i want the doc to be how much do i want it to extend my functionality.

But for today. We re really just talking about getting the display from your chromebook onto a television and honestly any of these things works you just need some sort of adapter to make that transition from your small screen to your large screen. And i would say go on amazon and just pick. The one that looks best for the price and extends.


All the functions extra functions that you want to get out of your dock or adapter. But guys. That s it for this one if this helped you in any way. Give it a thumbs up go down.

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