How To Fight The Secret Boss In Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Ultimate Weapon Trophy Guide)

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” s it going guys and welcome back in this video. We re going to be be checking out how we can fight the secretive boss called pride and joy in fantasy. 7. Remake.

We need to defeat this optional boss to get at the ultimate weapon trophy. As well as that we ll also get the best accessory by far in the game. If we do manage to feed him so without wasting any more time let s jump straight into it to break it down a plain and simple in chapter 16. We ll come across the battle simulator for the first time.

The battle sim fights work very similar to the coliseum matches in the sense that you re not allowed to use items you have to go through usually five rounds and between each round you automatically recover 50 of your health and mana points. And to unlock the final fight in the battle sim against the pride and joy prototype. We need to first finish every single coliseum match as well as every single battle sim match. Now there are three things that may get on this trophy.

A little bit tricky. The first one is that as two colosseum matches specifically the two where you have to fight with areas by herself. Then you can only do in a very short window frame during chapter 9. Which is immediately after you actually fight in the storyline colosseum matches and before you drop her off to get her dress done you need to go back to the coliseum and get done.

The two colosseum matches with areas on her own as there s no other point in the story. Where you can access the colosseum wherever it happens to be in the party. So these are pretty miserable..


If you did miss these two colors here matches simply go back. Once you finish the game in chapter select. Two chapter nine and get them done. And then there are the hard version of the battlezone matches these last.

Few here won t even show up the first time you enter the battle sim to make these higher difficulty ones appear you will need to be playing on the hard difficulty and for those of you who don t know yet to get the hard difficulty you first need to finish the game. And then simply choose the hard difficulty when you go back to chapter select. However don t worry about having to play all the way through chapter 16. Every time you want to get to the battle soon as once you go back on chapter select.

It s much easier to go to chapter 17. Instead and here very close to the beginning of the chapter. Immediately after red and barrett move aside at this rubble. That s blocking off the stairway.

If you go to the right you see chadli here. And there s also another battle sim. Just so you don t have to play through chapter 16. Entirely every single time so now assuming through blood sweat and tears.

You have finished all of the colosseum matches as well as all of the battle sim fights. You have now unlocked this seven star difficulty fight here at the battle sim and obviously this seven star difficulty challenge will only show up if you are played on hard difficulty also now unfortunately. It s not quite over we don t just get to fight the pride enjoy prototype and call it a day the difficulty here doesn t actually really lie in the final bot itself..


It s more to do with the lineup in the first four rounds. Now. The reason. I say this is the most difficult fight in the game is because the first round is against shiva.

But it s not just the regular shiva. This is actually an updated version. Where she has full resistance against fire. Which makes it a real pain to chip where their health and also take into account you re not allowed to use items here.

The second round is against the fat chocobo. The third round is against leviathan. It s pretty different from the regular leviathan fight you do in the vr simulation and then comes the magical round number four. This is where the fun really begins as soon as we start the round.

We get to see a garrote body. A baphomet here again and then halfway through the fight we get to see an icy frit. Summon also join in the very same fight so at one point. We re going to be fighting afraid at the same time as we re fighting.

Mohammed. Luckily. A freight is a pretty weak summon you can kill him pretty quickly..


If you save up a limit break or some ugly saga. But still it all comes down to what moment if it enters the fight. If he happens to enter in a moment that you re just about to heal up or you ll reap it in your various on things are gonna get pretty messy. All i can say is your best friend for this round is always try to make sure you have manuel up on as many characters as possible as consistently as possible and make sure that your healer has the healing material linked up with the magnify materia on the highest level.

You possibly can have it at at this point this way the tier 3 healing as well as regen can be cast on your entire party at once it s pretty similar to the old material of the classic games. It is super useful hands down one of the best materials on the game. Though quite honestly nine times out of ten. You re probably going to find yourself dying at two mega flare.

Just because he happens to use it at a very inopportune time maybe as soon as she s about a recast. Mana wall or sooner. She s about to heal up. He comes out with this beautiful cutscene and completely wipes.

The floor with you entire team. And it s back to round one for you. But you ve come this far. So you re not given up yet and you finally managed to prevail against these two bosses and now it s finally time for round number five which is against the pride and joy prototype.

Though luckily. It s just kind of this big robot thing that doesn t attack often it hits kind of heavy. But quite honestly if you ve made it through the other rounds..


You re gonna be absolutely fine on this fifth round. That s very unlikely you die don t get overconfident keep your barriers up keep on healing and stuff. You really don t have to do the other answer over again. But honestly the fifth round is so much easier than round number four and before we go as we said at the beginning other than the ultimate weapon trophy.

We also get a very very good accessory for doing this it s by far the best accessory in the entire game. The name of which i m not going to attempt to pronounce just here. But you can see it on screen. And what it does is whoever has this equip start every fight with full limit break ready to go and also regenerates their limit gauge really really quickly in fights.

So if you just skip to chapter 17 on hard just to do this by chapter select. And you haven t done your hard full playthrough. Yet. This is gonna make it a whole lot easier so anyway.

That is all there is to it guys. I hope you did enjoy this video. If you did don t give that thumbs up button subscribe for more content current very soon and we ll see ” ..


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