How to Fix 0xc000007b Application Error

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“Guys in this video. I mean to show you how you can solve this problem. Problem. While running some game or running some app.

Which says the application was unable start correctly due to this problem. Which is 0xc triple zero double zero. 7b click ok to close the application. So whenever this error comes while playing some game or running some app.

How we can solve it so first of all what knee you need to do is open your favorite browser and search for download direct x. Ok. So. Just search for download direct x.

And this direct x..

Is a product from microsoft. And you need to install this direct x to support some games or some applications ok. So search for download direct x and the first leg. Most probably.

Which will appear here will be from microsoft comm slash download slash detail dot aspx. I will just give you this link in the description so you can directly you know click this link. But i m going to click this link right now and this will open this download link for directx here. Okay now.

In here. You just need to choose your favorite language and download direct x. And in here it will give you some options msn default homepage and bing default search engine. It s not required so you can uncheck.

These options you just need direct x and use a runtime web installer and not these extra tools from microsoft..

So uncheck everything and then you can say no thanks and continue and it s going to start the download. So you can see this executable file. I can save this executable file. It s not a big file.

So i can just run it so just go to the location. Where you have downloaded this file. And then just run this file okay so this will start this directx installation. Okay right now.

I will just minimize everything and start the installation so installation really is really easy you just need to accept the license agreement they click next. And then it will initialize all the components and basically you just need to click some next button in order to install this directx and you can see installation is complete and finish just click the finish button here okay now second solution for your problem is to update. Your dotnet framework right so if you are running your game or application on windows it s necessary to update your dotnet framework so just search fornet framework and then search for it and you can see dotnet framework is a framework which is from microsoft. Which it uses to develop some apps or games.

Right so just search for dotnet framework and just click the first link which is his dub dub dub dot microsoftcom..

Slash net ok i ll give you this link in the description also and then click this link. Which will open this microsoft website. Once again and in here. You can see three options you need to choose this dotnet downloads.

Option and in here go to frameworks and sdks and in here you can see all the version ofnet framework download the top one is the latest version and then you have the older version ofnet also ok so you can start with downloading the topmost version. Which is the latest so just click this and just go down a little to select your language download. It it s going to you know give you the save option just save this executable file once again and then run this file. So just run this executable file once again and it s going to install this dotnet framework on your computer.

And you can see it s you know adding some dll files to your computer. Which will help you to run your application right so we ve just wait for this microsoftnet framework to install and at the end of the installation just you let s go through the installation right so just click. This checkbox click install. And then all the download will be done.

And when the installation will be done hopefully your you know problem will be gone..

But if it s not gone you just need to restart your computer in order to you know apply all the changes so generally whenever on your windows operating system you installed artnet framework or directx framework. You need to restart your computer. So just restart your computer. And then check.

It once again. And hopefully. This error will be gone. So i hope you enjoyed this video.

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