How to fix a broken USB port of a laptop or notebook

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“Guys. I m here to show you a good tip on how to properly remove remove a usb port. Just like this one these are notebook motherboards. I m showing you right now.

I have usb ports two usb ports. Here and here s another one that has one usb port on this side. And two usb ports on the opposite side. Okay.

Let me try to show you how to remove this particular usb. Port. Here this is not broken this is just only to physik. I mean broken physically broken.

I m just here to just show you how to take it out and later on i will just put it back usually. Most technicians they use a soldering iron with a suction tool to take out the old solder. So that they can remove the port. But later on in the in this video.

I will show you a better way to take out a usb port a dc power jack a video port or multiple leg components okay so i will be introducing a solder flux asada flux makes a the solder it melts..

The solder east quickly then without using it and of course. I you you will also use a solder wire or sutherland. So okay so let me show you the conventional method. It takes more time to take out the component using the solder soldering tool or the soldering iron.

Let me put some flux on the pins. I mean on the solder. So that it can quickly melt. So that i can use a suction to take out the old southern.

The the only problem with using a conventional method is that you need to be you need to have a good skill in soldering. So that you can easily remove it just like this one the the southern looks like this nut milk easily so i have to introduce a new southern. So that i can take out the old southern. It is so hard to take out without putting in flocks.

There although i put flux the old solder won t easily melt. So i have to put in some more southern. I mean lead then okay using a suction tool. While you re hitting the old southern.

I mean the labs you well i m not so sure if you can see it the the lead the old lead does not get off easily..

It s still there there s still a presence of old lead there so now i will show you the better way for me. It s the best way to do it using an aluminium tape. These would you buy this from the hardware store. There s a cup of tea.

There s an aluminum tape. The purpose is to cover the adjacent components. So that i will be introducing a heat gun so far for me. I ve been using it gun almost throughout my motherboard repair and i tell you it s it s the best way.

And it s a cleaner way to remove solder from especially from a multiple terminal component just like a usb port or a dc power. Jack okay so let me take out this soldering iron and now let me put in the heat gun. I m not so sure if you have a heat gun. But then you can just buy it from a hardware store.

If you think a hit gun is more expensive than might as well a settle for a soldering iron. But for me this can take out any component. I mean so far most components in a clean way okay. So let me find a metal protection.

So that i won t damage..

The table that i m working on right now you can use any metal put it underneath the motherboard. So that you can easily pry the usb port. I m missing a prior here any any metal that you can stick in between the space in between that port and pcb okay so use heat gun and adjust it to low heat. Don t put too much heat.

And just don t put too much heat on that particular area. There. If you think it s already hot enough then take out the it looks like it s not that easy to take out using that dental knife. I am using right now get a flat screwdriver.

I think it s a lot better let me let me put in a flat screwdriver yeah. This one here okay so place it inside that you you will know if it s if it s hot enough because the dell. The particular component will just easily come off just try to wiggle it until it comes loose. But don t put too much shame.

You should not burn that area. There okay let me put some more heat. There just take note of what i m doing with a heat gun as soon as i think i m. It s a little bit hot.

I remove it right away take it out and then put it back there you go yeah..

Now it comes loose. There you know okay using the suction to take out the excess lead. So that the the pin through holes are like clean so that s how easy it is to take out the port it could have taken you so much time to remove it using the souther and the session. Okay so you see it s it s really clean.

And i have not i have not burned the plastic portion of that usb report and the sockets are self are really clean also on the other side okay so um remember that this is a bit hot. I just touch it and it it s really hot and also the and that on the side up on the part of that the motherboard. It s it s also hot so if you can wear gloves. It s a lot better it could protect your skin.

It s really hot yeah so i m gonna put this back because the usb port itself is still good yeah. I ll just do this later. But anyhow when you put it back assuming that the usb is broken. So get a new one and then use your solder soldering tool and use the good water based led to solder it back if you want to know where i buy the ports just go to my blog.

” ..

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