How to fix Galaxy Note10+ calls not working can t make or receive voice calls

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“Common issue on many smartphones is trouble regarding. Calls if calls on your. Galaxy. Note.

Note. 101. There are a number of factors that you must consider learn what you do to fix this issue in this video check. If signal is good if voice calls are not working properly in your galaxy note.

10. Plus. It s probably due to poor signal. Be sure to check how many signal bars are showing on the device.

If the signal is weak. Which means that there are only less than three bars. Calling and texting may not work normally try to relocate in an open area to improve the signal before checking if voice calling improves..


Restart device forcing your galaxy note. Plus to reboot is another way to sometimes fix this type of problem. This can work. If the cause of the problem is a temporary bug that causes the system to freeze or become unresponsive.

If you haven t tried this yet be sure that you do at this time. Poor squid phone app. Sometimes calling issues are due to a bug in the phone app try to force quit. The app.

You re using to make or receive calls and see what happens this can sometimes fix issues due to minor or temporary bugs that may have developed via phone applications. Data if galaxy note 101 the next troubleshooting step is to clear the phone apps cache. This will delete the temporary files of the app. But once you launch it back the system will create a new one if clearing the cache won t help then the next thing that you should do is to clear its data.

It will return the app to its defaults. This is effective in fixing minor app. Glitches and bugs wipe cache partition..


If voice calls are not working on your galaxy note. 10 plus. And it begins after installing system update. There may be an issue with the system cache in order to load apps.

Quickly android stores. Frequently used items like website. Links images videos. Ads among others in a part in internal storage.

Called. Cache. Partition. Sometimes these items.

Collectively. Called system cache. May get outdated or corrupted..


Causing. Performance problems or bugs to ensure that you phone runs efficiently in the cache in top shape. You want to regularly clear the cache partition about once every few months check for bad apps. Another possible reason for this problem is bad apps.

If the issue started after installing an app try to delete the setup and see if it fixes the problem if you can t recall the app. You recently installed don t worry you can restart your phone to safe mode. To see. If one of your axes to blame in this mode.

All third party apps will be suspended reset network settings another effective way to deal with all kinds of networking problems like the one we re trying to fix is clearing network settings this troubleshooting step will clear bluetooth mobile gator wi fi and vpn settings put simply. This will return the network configuration of your device to its defaults. So you will need to reconfigure. It afterwards factory reset.

If the problem won t go away at this point. Consider wiping. The device do a factory reset in order to return the device s software to defaults..


This is usually effective in fixing issues due to software bugs. But before you do it make sure to create backup to all your important files first the easiest way to factory. Reset your device is by going to settings menu. Then go to general management and select factory reset from there contact your network.

Operator if. Factory reset won t help and your. Galaxy. Note.

101. Your capability to fix make sure to contact your carrier or network. Operator for help that s it we hope this video is helpful to you please don t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more galaxy note. 101.

You ” ..

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