How to Fix Packet Loss

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“The video begins. I just want to iterate that in order to fix packet loss loss at least on your end. You might have to replace some equipment and tell problem is fixed. Now if you re running on wi fi.

I strongly don t recommend it because there could be stuff that interferes with the wireless signal. And you can get yourself a powerline adapter. If you cannot get a modem router in towards your room. Or if there could be a problem with your ethernet cable to and from the modem to the router to the computer to the console.

So you want to troubleshoot any wires in between it could be a problem with your router modem. So you re gonna have to be doing some troubleshooting on the physical equipment. That s also with your computer consoles as well so to figure out where the packet loss is coming from if it s not coming from your end. It could be coming from your isps end or the server end.

But we re gonna get more to that into the video. I just want to iterate and give the expectation of you do have to troubleshoot on your end for the physical equipment. If there is a internet problem or if there s a packet problem. So under the rest of video protect your privacy and i did any unlock sensor filters every time.

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Ok let s go back to the continue content and diggy for the support links in the description. Hey. What s going on let me. See little minute.

It is your boy core textual and today. We re gonna be talking about packet loss yes. We have for annette up and open because we re gonna be talking about gaming. If you are a gamer.

But however we re gonna get to to that in the second um. We have command prompt here which we re gonna be using a tcp view to pull the ip address of the server on 4 9. And we also have ping plotter you can get ping plotter for free you don t have to get the pro version. But there is the free version.

Which is works very the same so where to begin let s start off with the command. Prompt and let s see what pops up the one thing that we re looking at is a time so usually with uh..

This is a good ping. The lower the pain look better. However if i m starting to see what was it s not going let me cancel out there we go okay. So the thing.

We re looking at is the time now if the ping starts getting higher and higher and higher. Then that means you re getting a packet loss. There s a dead server or you have a hardware problem. So this could play on your end of this could play on your isps and this could play on google s end or four nights end so everything looks fine.

Now let s go ahead and run a ping it s more like a traceroute what we re doing but we re gonna see mapped out so we go ahead and type in googlecom. Here and now we re gonna start seeing there stuff actually meat let me close out of this because i want to open up. A new trace. Okay so uh.

I m on this end or this end right here either or i think i would be on this end. Nonetheless the one things that you got to worry about is these. To your local network. What yours could say.

19216812 end at 00. About one. But it s a very top. One that s your local network.

If you start to seeing packet loss right here that s a problem that is a you problem you need to replace out your cables. Your ethernet cables. Your router. Now and or the cable.

Modem. Or dsl. Modem. Right.

Here. Is also a you then problem. Thank you excuse me can i get a bless you in comments. Please.

And you on the second line is a you problem and or a den problem because this is where your modem is at i would like to bring up an illustration here so right here is where we re gonna draw i like to draw i use my supporter credit code inline them stop anyways so right here s your your router slash bottom right and it s being connected towards the knit. Which is the network interface device that s either outside of your home or inside of your garage depending where it s placed then it s running a cable. All the way to the service box. So this is the service box.

Where everyone s connected towards to then it runs on the line to another service box. And until it gets to the central office. Then this is could where this could be the isp or this could be the isp right here depends on how you want to visualize it so from isp internet service provider. To the google servers or the 4 9.

Servers. What have you so without trying to confuse you on the second line..

Where it shows packet loss whoops. I am getting it could be the modem. I have problems with it could be the nit and it could be the service box. So that means.

What you can do on your end is to check the equipment to run a factory set on it or replace out the cables go to your internet service provider. Replace. The modem and get yourself the new modem and if it happens to fake it fix the packet loss then awesome. If not then you have to call up your internet service provider and bug.

Them to check the wiring inside your house. The network interface device and go to the service box so on and so forth so a lot of stuff is all about your physical equipment of wagon packet loss now if it goes from if you re getting packet loss from here on out this is out of your reach. There s nothing you can do. This is gonna be an isp problem.

Now right here it shows 100 packet loss for some odd reason. It s trying to ping a non existent server. And that s completely normal if we re positive like that don t worry about this but worry about the stuff. That is connected.

So we have a problem right here. We also have a packet lost that s going down in california. And there s another packet loss and wherever. This is at this is on google s end because it s getting closer to google.

So i have four servers nodes whatever you want to call them that paca loss this one were to be more applicable that i could fix it on my own or have my isp fix. But for these two i would have to ban together a whole bunch of people from california. That s from sunnyvale and also from great oaks and bill okay you know i m having problems. Putting my four legs.

I have packet problems so let s start a petition and let s go knock down on comcast his door and be like you know fix this problem fix it right now. So this is something that would be on a mass scale of trying to get a bunch of people to complain about these two big servers. But this one again this one would probably be i could fix it or an isp would have to fix the wiring outside. There s a couple of stuff that we can do as for software wise try to fix a ping to lower it.

But that s for packet lost it really depends on your equipment. If it s faulty. So again. Check check your modem.

Check your wiring check your computer. Xbox. Be it s forward and tender switch. What have you and that s all you could do on your end is to check out the equipment.

But i m gonna explain how to alleviate or if that s the proper word that i m gonna be using if we could help you get a proper ping that would help lower it you still might have packet loss so i cannot guarantee it. But we could definitely lower the ping as well okay so as for getting as for getting packet loss. Whenever you play for name right. When you re in a game on the top left or right about this area it ll start to say packet loss packet loss packet loss.

So what i want to do is i m gonna go ahead and close out of this we re gonna pull the ip address of the server that we re going to be connected to i d like to be on the west coast so we re gonna select auto i don t want to go creative i would like to do a team rumble. No phil..

If they know a lot of you like oh hey. What s the problem with the gaming server. So we also want to check out if there s a problem coming on the gaming servers end as well not just on your end. Make sure you guys also go to the item shop use my supporter credit code could actual make sure you make sure my name is in there at least once a week pretty please and thank you we re just waiting for the game to set up.

So i can pull the ip address. I m using tcp view. Which is completely free and all of this is completely legal if you re wondering. But when you pull up tcp view.

You re gonna be looking for your fortnight client by looking for the f blue f. Icon and then it ll show the ip address once we get into a match right now. We don t have a connection going on you you you you you you alright now that we re in a server. Make sure you go to the remote address and let me extend this out a little bit more we want to look at the most packets that is being sent because that s the server.

So sent packets received packets. Most packets that sent is gonna be the server that you re looking at so this is the server that we re on okay. So let s go ahead and copy the connection and i m gonna open up notepad here okay so now we have the information copied so we re gonna go ahead and copy the host name and then we re gonna go ahead and run a hit new and we re gonna go ahead and run it now we re gonna see if there s gonna be any packet loss just a pack loss right there and as you see hold on let me let me send some data there away so we can get a like a proper ping. That s not it that s it okay so as the character moves.

It s sending that data and when it when it shows here. There s a we re having a packet issue right here and also having not 2 packet issue as well. Which is actually a huge problem. If we re having a hundred percent packet issue that s something that s coming on their end.

Now. If you look at the graph here on the top left. You see that there was just a packet loss. We re wearing the way we have a 2 packet loss another two percent.

This is something that s coming on their end. This is something that you cannot do anything about this is a dam. A problem yeah you can send an email say hey you know there s a problem with your servers. But this is a damn problem.

There s nothing that you can do about it so knowing that it s a damn problem it s awesome because there s nothing wrong on my end. But that means you re gonna have to switch to a different server playing them east s on east coast or back out of the game and get back into a new game. And hopefully you don t get on that mega server again. So i hope that this this tells you if it s them problem or if it s a new problem anyways.

I m gonna go ahead. And i m just glad minimize out of this so as for getting a lower ping. We re gonna be changing our dns settings so you can do this on xbox playstation attend a switch. I ll leave links in the description of how to do it properly.

But i would like to go towards my a network adapter and go to the properties. I leave my ipv6 disabled because i have a custom dns server. But as for lowering your ping what you could do is go to use cloud fighters in type. 1.

1111. So if i were to delete all..

This so it s like. One oop i have none walk off. 11. 11.

Then that s for the secondary dns. You can have that cloud flair s dns. Let me let me pull up their site. So if we go to one dot.

One dot. One dot one you can read through all this basically. It tells you it s very fast and really secure. They don t keep any logs and they do a comparison.

If you use a cloudflare dns. You ll have a lower ping. If you were to use google s dns you ll have a 35 ping. So this is the fastest dns resolver.

There is and they don t log any traffic actually deneva specify that they do but they don t bit after 24 hours. They don t they don t pay attention to that anyways. I don t want to change my dns. I already have a custom dns server that s relaying over towards the cloud flash dns so depending.

If you want to use cloudflare dns or google s dns or open dns or whatever use different types of connections and it would help you reroute things so instead of me being routed towards ok someone be on the server instead of me being routed towards on this server. It might route me towards to a different comcast node or it might keep me the same if it s gonna be the shortest links for the lower ping to get to of the next destination. That is a value towards your connections. Does that made any sense.

I doubt that it did it did in my head um. This video was helpful please go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel hit the post notifications again again use my support credit code into the item stop the check at least once a week ninja tea foo daquan tsm myth. Dakota s respect that to them you know but they re a well established they they have brands they have money. I m just a small content creator trying to get that money so yeah you was using my supporter credit code.

I need a piece of that pie i m gonna go ahead and sign off here. I m gonna play the rest of this game. And close out of it you guys have a great weekend. Y all take care peace.

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In the description. Y all. Take care. ” .


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