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“Just tampa tech. And learn something new from pc tvs and gaming to start alright alright guys. This is how to fix it vcr dvd combo. I m doing this i m going to show you how to fix the vcr and dvd combo because it kills two birds.

One stone basically in this video you can see how to fix a vcr or a dvd so everything up the screws on the sides here and here and in the back. Here. There s three in the back. All over the frame.

The cover comes off okay. Let s take off that cover you ll see the dvd player and the vcr player like shown here. See this right here is the video head this rubs against the the tape. The vcr tape and an image is shown this has to rotate at a certain speed by the way and this circuit board controls the video head speed and the motor.

Okay and these tiny gears right here you see don t touch very delicate. If anything gets out of alignment or the gears. And you force anything like this small stuff could mess up the tape player this right here is the dvd player so basically what you want to do is get rubbing alcohol. Looks like so and q tip all right here.


And then go ahead and get a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the q. Tip and then right here. If you re getting a snowy picture on the vcr or you re getting the disc doesn t play. And it s not reading the disc is what you want to do gently very gently.

This is very delicate and go ahead and spin. The q. Tip gently on the optic. I still so the laser shines out and it reads the disc from underneath.

And if the disc is dirty with your fingerprints or whatnot or scratches will have a hard time reading. So you want to make sure that disk is clean you use eyeglass cleaner microfiber cloth or a 100 cotton cloth to clean the disc and same thing goes for here right here. I ll show you that so here just take you use toilet paper. If you don t have q tip.

So right here you just take your and just run. It like that all the way down and back up and that s pretty much it if it s not grabbing the tape there spindles and rubber rollers and stuff like right here you can clean those off just make sure be very careful what you re doing you can clean those as well all right but other than that i would have messed with too much other stuff there s like oh optic eye in here too lens you can clean that so this right here shines this way through here and here and it detects the tape coming in and then these guys grab. The tape and then move it up and wrap it around the video head and the circuit board will kick on and start rotating the video head at a certain speed then you ll get your image. And that s how that works this right here same thing.


This is the magnet right here and without this it won t play the disc. So you got this top bridge piece right here keep the disc in place and then it rotates at a certain speed. The disc and the optic i underneath reads the information on the bottom of the disc and that s how you re able to watch a kind of record player in a certain way that s how you re able to watch your dvds. So i m going to ahead and plug in i ll show you so i m going to turn it on and then press the button switch to vcr mode and a vcr tape and the reason why i stopped vcr is because i ve home videos of myself as a kid sit right there.

So the tape is pressed against the videotape right there as you can see. And this pin. And this pin hold up the tape to the video head. Okay.

So you want to make sure. This is clean wanna make sure this is clean. I m going to make sure. This is clean and this is clean and the video head of course has to be clean.

Too okay. So that s all touching the the tape and this right here as well put the disk in then the laser will detect the disk and start playing the movie. But if that laser doesn t show red. Then you have a problem you might have to replaced all the optic eye assembly.


So that s how things you want to look out for so you get a snowy picture on your vcr. It s common things that s come fix this point on you can just hit play and then we can play it ll rotate the demo tape. So on this side it besides full that means. It s the beginning of the tape.

If this side is full you tape nd. There s another rubber piece right there. See it s rotating want to make sure that spindle is clean that rubber roller or else. It won t be able to move the tape got it all that stuff has to work into play for it to play your movie also connecting on a dvd vcr combo.

The best way to connect the dvd vcr combo is component video. But component video you can t watch and vcr mode. Because component video is a digital output and a vcr is analog. But a dvd is digital.

So that s why that works so if you want to watch both of them we re not using all these cables you could just connect it yellow white and red out so the yellow is the video and the white and the red is audio out and you plug that into the tv in back of the tv and that would work for your tv and your vcr out. But if you really want to use the component and get a better picture quality that would only work for your dvd. So in that case you would use the red video blue and green video out to your tv. And then the red and white audio and plug that into back your tv.


But a lot of people do they get the red video. And the red audio confused and they accidentally switch them up so. If you know you re missing in red colors on your screen go ahead and flip flop them and swap them out also make sure your green and blue is plugged in the right spot in the dark. Sometimes green and blue look the same and you want to make sure you set that switch to component mode or progressive mode.

If you don t have a switch in the back because in my vcr dvd combos. Ten years old sometimes you have to eject the disc out of the dvd player and press. The menu setup button on your dvd remote and going to video settings and then change it to component confront component or progressive mode. But if you re just using the yellow white and red.

You don t have to worry about all that nonsense all right and you would actually make sure the progressive component mode is turned off in your dvd settings video settings all right and this is dedicated if you want to plug in your cable box into here. You can record your cable programs tv programs and then now go it out still that would go out to your tv. And then this right here is if you have off your antenna or bunny ears. You plug that into here and then that goes out to the tv.

So that s how we hook. ” ..

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