How to Fix Windows 10 Won t Boot After Update

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“You guys gonna have a video here for you now if you want to fix fix windows 10 that won t boot after you ve tried to do a windows then this video is for you so you can see here you may get into this boot loop. Where it s trying to load up. And it will self diagnose. The system and it will keep shutting down or will freeze or you ll get a black screen or something like that on there and this this is sometimes happens.

When you try to do a major big windows update. And something goes wrong. It doesn t like it may be a driver issue or something like that and i ll show you the best steps to take if this does happen to you okay. So let s go ahead and let this try and boot up here.

And you may get this window wear or freeze on the update you may get a black screen or something like that and you may also get to the login screen. And it will in shop down so another thing make sure when it s updating is to give it plenty of time to update and install those updates. Now if you haven t subscribed. Yet don t forget to hit that subscribe button ok for new videos when we upload them so what we re going to do first is back up our data before we try to fix the issue and i ll show you some of the options you ve got after we ve backed up the data now.

We re gonna be using a cronus true imaging now this is a bootable media. Which you can create and i ve made videos to show you how to do this basically you can boot to this and you can choose whatever backup media. You d like to backup your data and once you ve got this booted up. You can change your boot order to boot to this usb flash drive or cd.

I m gonna choose a cronus true image 2016 64 bit and what that s going to do is allow us to backup all our precious theta before we start messing with it because i ve seen people try to update with windows. It s failed and they end up losing all their data. And you don t want to do that ok so here we have the bootable media and we re gonna do is click on backup and you can choose to backup my data or your hold destroy or partition back up it s entirely up to you so. If you ve got a lot of space you want to make sure that you ve got an external drive plugged into your computer at this stage.

And then you can back up to that device okay so we ll do my data backup. Here. Now you don t have to do windows and all that sort of stuff. If you don t want to you can just go to users.

And then you can select the user account of the data that you want to backup. And this is also another quick way to get just data off so. If you re not interested about the whole drive and backing up the whole drive windows and all that stuff then this is what you can do. But if you do want to do that then you will obviously want to choose the other option and backup.

The whole computer. So you can see here we have a bright tech user account and we re gonna go next here and we re gonna backup just that user profile and that is gonna have all our data lock our documents. Photos and stuff like that and you can see here now it gives us options to backup to certain locations. You can see york let s drive.

There if you ve got one external drives..

Whatever his flash drive you ve got loads of different options. Where you can backup to so. This is really important. If you want to back up to an external drive you can just click on here and click removable driver and you can see here this is my removable drive here now depending on the size your drive.

If you ve got another drive on your system. So you ve got two separate drives you can actually back up to that one because it doesn t have windows on it. So there s another option for you right there so i m going to click on and you can see i ve only got one drive on this system. So we re going to back up to the removable drive.

So let s go over to the generate a name and it will give it a name called my backup and that will be ok for me. So that s ok and then now we can trans there you can change. But i m just going to proceed here and let this copy this content across now depending on how much data you do have whether it be masses or gigabytes of photos and music and stuff. Like that will depend on how much time it will take so be patient and let it do its thing.

It s important that you always back up your data before you do any work on the computer. And that should be the case for any type of issue that you re having just in case. Something goes wrong you always ever back up of that data. Okay and you can always restore using this method.

As well so we just let this run through the process. Now you can shut down the computer. Once this is completed which means you can walk away. And you can also see restart the computer.

Once the operation is completed now i m going to do a restart because i want to show you some options that you can do to try and fix the windows update issue. If you can t boot into. Which the windows update. Issue.

If you can t boot into windows. So. Let this her finish off its gonna reboot. Now and it ll go into an automatic repair.

Because obviously every time you tried to boot. The system up after three times. It will let you get into the advanced options area. Where you can start to do repairs.

And it will try to do this and this is a really great feature for windows 10 which means after three attempts..

It will automatically go into that option now. If you don t get that option then i ll show you another way of getting into. There okay so as windows loads up it will get to the police wait. And it will get to your login screen and then it may freeze or restart.

But if it hold if it gets stuck here you can see a little icon. Here with the ethernet icon or network icon click on that and it will give you the other option of power click on the power button and hold the shift key down and then click restart continually hold that shift key down or your restarting and that will take you straight into the choose an option area where you can go into troubleshoot. If you don t get this. Obviously.

The free reboot sequence will take you to this location. Anyway once you re here going to advanced options. And it will give you a bunch of options. Which you can then try to use to fix we ll resolve your issue with your windows update now the first one is system restore now not everyone has system resistant restore.

Enabled by default system restore is disabled in windows. 10. So you may need to enable that for a future reference. But if you want to try and do this if you have got system restore points.

You can log into the account and go back to a time before that windows update. And make sure you select a time and then go back okay so. If you update you just a leak then go back back a day or two days before that now ever so you can see here system. Restore files and settings has not been set up so you can t use that which is very common now you do have a system image recovery.

There as well now. This is basically like a cronus. It s going to have an image file that you ve backed up at some point. And if you haven t got your computer up then you can t use that method.

Okay so system image is a windows backup. Which you can backup and recover from so you can use that option. If you do have a windows recovery options setup startup repair may be able to fix it always try and do that so go into startup repair click that and it will try and do that diagnostic and repair. But if you have tried already three times and it keeps rebooting.

Then that is not going to work for you because obviously that s what is trying to do diagnose and repair that issue now we re going to try and keep this simple. But you also have other options available to you which are startup settings. Now this is to try and get into safe mode. And i would always try to get into safe mode.

Just to make sure and just click on that and click restart..

And what that s going to do is allow you to choose enable safe mode. So you just push number four on your keyboard. And it will reboot and it all go into safe mode. Now obviously.

If it doesn t boot into safe mode. Then you ve got other issues. And you need to go back to the troubleshoot air area. But will try to boot into mode here and be patient let it boot up and if it gets into safe mode.

As you can see here and we ll see back screen and they go to start the load. And we are now booting into safe mode. Now once you re inside. Here.

There s a load of other options you could back up your data from here. If you haven t got a cronus or any sort of backup. So you can still get an option to backup your data from this location. Just play and also while you re in safe mode.

You can run some other checks as well if you can get to safe mode. That is so you can go to control panel. And then once control panels. Open you can go to where.

It says program and features click on that and then go up to the top left hand side where it says if you installed updates and you will see all the updates here now if you do see the update that s just been installed you can click uninstall and remove that and hopefully that will allow you to boot to your desktop. So you can try that also you can run some other things from here like sfc scan now and things like that if you want to to try and resolve that issue with the windows files. If that s what you wanted to do from there. But you can also do it from that troubleshoot area as well by going into command prompt from there.

If you can t do safe mode. So you could run that from there as well so let s go back into the into the troubleshoot area and then we just show some other things that you can try before you wipe the system and give up so let s restart and go back into the troubleshoot area. Ok. So we re back into the troubleshoot area here and the upper option you got here is go back to a previous version now when windows tries to update or it does update.

It always gives you back up to rollback. 2. Which is go back to a previous version and this is what you can use ok. And it can roll the system back to a previous version.

If that fails the only other option you re going to have is reset your pc..

And you can see here. It says keep my files or remove everything that is more advanced ways of removing updates via the command prompt. But i m gonna leave of this video. Because i think that s too advanced for some people.

But this is another option. Which is keep my files and it will remove all your apps. So any programs you ve got in there it will remove those from the system okay. But it will keep your personal data remove everything will wipe the system clean and put a fresh install of windows on it so just bear that in mind if you choose to keep my files.

It will wipe your applications and just put windows on so you ll lose all that and you ll have to reinstall all your programs. So i ll try to keep this simple and show you the simple methods rather than a more complex ones. But this is basically a real simple method of backing up your data and then try to resolve the issue with some of the methods. I showed you and if they don t work.

Then you can always reinstall windows. Now the reason why this happens is because probably. There s something on your system. That the new update doesn t like ie a driver or something like that and it s corrupted.

The update and now you re having these issues so. If you follow those steps. You should be able to resolve your issue or at least your have all your data backed up without losing all of that theta anyway. I m gonna wrap this one up.

I hope you enjoyed it my name is brian from brideshead computer. Skoettel uk. Thanks again for watching guys. And thanks for your continued.

Support have a great weekend. Bye for now now. If you haven t subscribed. Yet hit the big red subscribe button on my youtube channel and hit the bell notification button next to that to be notified when we upload new videos ” .


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