How to fix xbox 360 wifi adapter

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“My name is yad alawi. I m going to be showing you how to fix fix a xbox 360. I m network adapter so before we start i m going be using a ethernet cable you can try as well if you have one you re going to connect it in if the ethernet cable. Works and this and the adapter doesn t work then there s a problem with the adapter.

If the ethernet cable. Doesn t work and the xbox 360. Adapter doesn t work. Then there s a problem with the console itself so i m going to be showing you how you fix that problem you re going to go you re going to start from the beginning.

You re going to go to sainz you re going to click on system. I m going to go to network settings right now. I m going to be using a wired network. Because i m gonna have to plug this in if i m going to use a wireless network.

But you plug it in and then test it on the wireless network alright so i m going on this and first test the xbox live connection and if it doesn t work then i m going to be showing you how to do it you re going to go on to configure network..

I m gonna go on to additional settings just scroll your mouse thing down then you re gonna click on restore to factory defaults what this is they re gonna do is gonna reboot everything. And it s gonna erase all your current settings. So you can start from fresh and don t worry it doesn t remove any of your games or any basic things that you need for your xbox 360 user. It s just going to reboot the system and stuff like that so once you do that and you re gonna test.

It you re going to test. It you re going to test the expo club connection. If it doesn t work again. Then there s a problem with the adapter adapter.

I m going to be showing you how to fix that so um you re going to we re gonna need three tools first off. We re going to need a small a small screwdriver with a flat surface you need that then we re going to need a normal screwdriver. Then we re going to need a bit this is a wrench. But if you we are going to be needing a hammer.

But if you don t have a hammer or you re scared of breaking your adapter..

Then just use a wrench so you re going to grab the small screwdriver you re going to put it in there this is extremely hard to open by the way it s not gonna open easily you re gonna grab the hammer or wrench you re gonna start like smacking it like this hang it then you re gonna take out the screwdriver you re gonna grab your your flat your normal screwdriver with a flat surface you re going to need to make a space with the screwdriver in the wrench or hammer you re going to place it in and you re gonna twist. It and that should open and so what you re going to do here is you re going to see em a there s two problems first off is this adapter thing. If it doesn t work if this if this if if all right so this is first suggestion this you re gonna take it out this gold part right here you re going to take it out i m going to plug it back in what that does is it reboots the antenna and makes a thing makes the wireless stronger. Because that might be a problem and like you don t need it you can t get the internet.

So you re gonna do that i can t show you it because it s extremely hard to open it it s way too small for my thumbs. But i did manage to do it. And it took me a long time to do it so i m not going to be showing you that you re gonna try it for yourself. But i will show you the other one the other suggestion.

So you re going to grab this usb thing that you plug into your xbox. I m going to pull it gently gently gently alright and i try not to break it we re going to turn it around and he s the problem so there is this usb thing connected to here. What you re going to do is you re going to grab it through this part right here. And you re going to pull pull it alright.

Then do that then blow into it if necessary plug it back in put it back in and then if it should work so you re gonna grab your thing you re going to place it this way cuz that s how it s supposed to be do this..

Then your week before you do that you re going to grab this usb you re going to place it at the place it came from alright let s just get rid of this for a minute. You re going to grab this you re going to push it against this part right here gonna pull it against the wall. I m gonna push push it s kind of hard it should work alright there until they gets in a small little place right there and then you re gonna put it back and where it came from you re gonna grab this do the same thing as we just did we re going to put it against the wall go just push and there we go. And there should be like all like if you see these two little gold pieces right here that bent into here this part.

There s a this is the lamp right here that determines whether it s right or wrong. You re just going to so how i figure it out is that this is how it should look like there s the antenna coming out from here then if you have the other way around it s not gonna work so. We re gonna do this and then if you if you am ah. If you broke it really badly.

And you can t get it back in like we did well i just put it back in but still from this part you re going to tape. It back together just to keep this inside right you re safe um. Or you could just put something above it or just keep like this. It s how you want it it s just like you can do it that way a few months.

So we re going to tape tight tape it in if you need if it s you broke a really bad way the outlines of course then you re gonna plug it back in once you ve gotten into it like you gonna test it and it should yes do that that s me the annex talks ik uh..

It should connect to this network. That you re looking for then you re gonna. It s gonna connect to the internet. Then it s gonna take emma connect to the xbox live.

And that s how you fix the xbox 360. Adapter. I hope this helped. I really do and well.

If you liked the video please give it a like that really does help us. And it shows us that you need more tutorials on how like the xbox or anything else that you want we all do well hopefully anyway. And that s it and hope you enjoyed bye be sure to smash my wife mom and that s it that s how we fix it ” ..


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