How to Grow your Livestream

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“What is going on my dudes welcome to the video bringing us another solo vs vs squad. Playing on pc trying to go for those high kill games. But today would do something different all right. I thought i would do something different aside from the the typical gameplay and answer.

A question that i get asked a lot on my live streams. And that is what is some advice that i have for smaller streamers. People who are trying to get like discovered trying to kind of you know make it as a streamer. It doesn t really matter.

The platform be a twitch or youtube and basically i get this a lot people just want advice on how to develop a community and how to get into streaming. So i figured i would give a little bit of a my advice i know i m not like the hugest the biggest streamer ever but i do think i have some some pretty decent advice. I ve been streaming for 3 or 4 years now with with a lot of success in the last what year and a half. I think but before i was just kind of doing it during university kind of farting around with with the concept of streaming and doing it when i had some spare time so i didn t really take it too seriously.

But because i ve been doing it for so long. I kind of have a good idea of what works and what doesn t work so i ve compiled a little bit of a list of what i personally do again. Everybody s different you might have different techniques that make you successful and that s all good. But these are just some of my ideas on how to make a successful stream.

So number one the most important thing. I think and that s why i put at the very start of the list is to make a schedule. And when you re doing streaming casually this is probably the biggest pain in the ass is to have to like mandate a schedule for yourself every single time you go live. But it s honestly very important and the reason being is that it gives your audience a time when they know that they can click on twitch or they can click on youtube or mixer or whatever platform.

They re they re gonna be watching you on and know that they can watch you at that time that is a huge thing for potential viewers. And it s a huge thing and building your your community. So that you ll have you know the same faces that come back to every stream day after day. You know that is incredibly important to building a stream is to have you know a regular community.

It makes people feel like it makes people feel you know just a part of something bigger than themselves. And i think that that s really important to try and develop as a streamer. Another thing i would say is that you should try and make a schedule. If you re new to streaming if you can do it i mean obviously just having a strict schedule as possible if you get home from work.

And you like to go live and develop your stream. That s awesome..

But if you could have a early morning stream. But you can hit consistently four or five days a week that honestly can be huge for growth that s that is when i got my big kick. Is when i set an alarm for seven o clock in the morning. And i woke up every single morning at 7.

00. And got live by you know like 7 45. Or 8. O clock.

And did that for five or six days a week. That s really when i noticed my numbers pop and a lot of that s got to do with competition. And i ll get into this as well just like picking the platform. But streaming is so competitive for viewership.

Like let s be real a lot of people pretty much anybody who plays video games. A lot would love to play video games for a living you know it s it s it s a pretty i guess popular career. But few people really attain it. But a lot of people will be getting home from work and grinding their streams.

But not a whole lot of people will be waking up before work or before class to grind streams. I mean if you look at the times that a lot of the big streamers get on as well like they ll all be getting on you know late morning. So if you can commit yourself to get on early in the morning oftentimes. There won t be necessarily as big of a total potential audience.

Because you know not everybody s awake. But there will be people who are working night shift and there ll be people on different schedules and different parts of the world. You know you ll get a lot of that that european viewer base as well you ll hit that if you get up early in the morning to stream. And i honestly think that can be incredibly beneficial for your initial growth.

Small fact ninja would actually wake up at 3 in the morning sometimes to get his streams going on h1z1 because he at the time was a small streamer and and needed to get that growth going so it s not like it s it s below you stream early in the morning and it definitely does work and i just want to throw that out there obviously that won t work for everybody i know a lot of people you know who want to get into streaming have job. A hundred percent don t need to wake up super duper cooper trooper early in the morning to you know make it as a streamer. But it definitely does not hurt. And giving you a little bit of an advantage over the competition.

The the second thing. I will do or the second thing..

I ll say is is to make sure you have a good microphone. That s often a mistake. I see people make audio is easily the most important thing to have as a streamer and i mean and by audio. I mean good audio.

You i would honestly prioritize that over a webcam easily. I see a lot of people pulling the trigger on a webcam. Some huge streamers don t even use a webcam. But i just have fantastic audio.

I mean you look at dakotas dakota s polls like twenty five thousand viewers. I believe on twitch which is an insanely competitive platform he only really just blew up on on on fortnight like that s really when his channel exploded. So he hasn t really been you know a twitch streamer for too too long and he has fantastic audio and it really does show and it really does i think that is a component of of watching dakota streams. They re so freakin chill dude.

You know and i do think. That s important to have in your stream is to have a good mic and good audio and prioritize that over pretty much anything else you know i mean other things are important. But trust. Me your audio is a huge component of having a successful stream.

Another thing. I ll say and this one might be a little bit more controversial. It s not like a hundred percent. But i think this is honestly a good thing psychologically for most streamers is to hide your viewer count.

Because your a lot of people will put a lot of emphasis on the viewer count especially when they re just getting into streaming and they re not kind of really used to how it all works. But your viewer count is so dependent on things that are totally out of your realm of control. You know if you re getting on and there s some great streamers on at the same time and you know ninjas on and and tsm myth are on and they re all huge streamers and you re trying to compete for that viewer base like you re gonna have a hard time and you re not necessarily gonna pull in a whole lot of new viewers. When those big streamers are on also if there s another game launch you know or even if just the notification system is down and the platform your stream on happens to have a lot of buffering or something that day like viewership can be lower.

But that often like 90 of the time for me like i could have some of the best days of my life. Playing fortnight and have lower viewership than normal just because of the way. The streams are that day you know like i had a day where i think i went 19 wins in a row. And i had more viewers the next day on like a four law streak.

You know it s totally out of your realm of control. But if that can psych you out if you can be kind of turned off by the fact that hey like i only have five viewers today and yesterday..

I had twenty do i just like do i suck as a stream right now what happened but often times. It can be completely out of your hands. And and not anything to deal with with something you re doing wrong you know so for that reason even for big streamers like i ll often hide my. Viewer account i normally average you know 1500 to 3000.

Viewers. But like often times that will that will change through the day you know so it s something where if you if you re paying attention to viewer account and you re really really paying attention to it and and you re taking it in like you re taking it to heart basically how many people are watching the stream. It can really throw you off and then what happens. It s kind of like a chain reaction.

If you have a huge drop in viewers. Because maybe ninja just logged on or some big streamer or something happened or like youtube or twitch just dropped for like a few minutes and then you you lose you know 25 of your viewers. If you pay too much attention to that that can actually affect your mood and then because you re now a little bit deflated your stream ends up a little bit deflated and it ends up to being to be less enjoyable to watch. Because it s not quite as positive as it was and now more people leave because they re not quite as getting this the positive vibes from you you know it s kind of like a chain reaction.

And it s something you can easily avoid just by hiding the viewer account and focusing on the people who are there you know cuz that s that s the most important thing to do as a streamer is to pay attention to your viewers and to welcome them i will also say i ll one thing. I ve really tried to do it s a little bit tricky to do as your check gets more active. But try to welcome as many new faces as possible and try to call them out by user name obviously don t call out offensive usernames. But even hard to pronounce ones man like people will appreciate you trying to address them in the chat.

And it s just a cool way for people to feel welcome the moment they get into your stream. And then to probably stick around and become part of your community. A couple more things i will say don t ever self promote. I see this so much especially on youtube.

I also see it on twitch. But self promotion is a really bad idea right like basically you re coming into a streamers chat. And and you re saying. Hey.

I m more entertaining than you your viewers come watch me for one it never ever works it literally never works man. I ve never i ve never left a stream to go watch another stream oftentimes if people do it s to go and leave hate comments on your stream. Which is not something you want don t do it it s a really really bad way to grow as a streamer and i say this i m sure a lot of you guys know this. But because it s so popular.

I feel like people see other self promoting in other people s stream often times probably probably younger viewers and then they go to start their own stream. And because they ve seen other people self promoting so much they just assume..

It s a behavior that they have to do in order to grow you know it s like even though it actually has no positive result. It never actually results in increased viewership or a better audience by self promoting. I think because people see others doing it they just assume that it s something that they need to do and it is not it s the exact opposite of what you need to do because you know like as a streamer. I often will you know swear off somebody who self promotes you know like if i see them with with 10 viewers.

I don t think i ll ever reach out to them for a raid. You know because they ve come into my chat and they ve been like hey man follow my stream. I m gonna 1kt it s lit well you know like i m never gonna go raid them i m not gonna show support to them i m gonna look for somebody who has been just purely grinding and working on their craft on their own accord. You know without trying to to self promote their way to success it just it never works man.

So don t don t do it. One last. Quick little point here is the games you play that can often have an effect on on your viewership and the growth of your channel. The most important thing you should do is to play the games that you enjoy playing.

But you can also consider checking out smaller games as well games like for knight right now are huge. And it s really really difficult to grow because there are so many big names. But that being said if you re incredibly skilled a four night man 100 get into streaming it because there s always people looking to pick up new communities of really highly skilled players to watch. But know that like i i got my start my first year viewers streaming star wars battlefront and that game had a very very low viewership.

When i used to stream on twitch. But because it did have a dedicated community. I was actually able to grow with that and get some viewership. Because the people who wanted to watch battlefront were pretty dedicated to watching battlefront and they were there you know a day after today to watch the stream.

But um yeah guys i hope that was helpful i hope you guys enjoy the rest of this 22 kill game. I was a little bit of a ramble here with this video. But i hope i gave some tips that helped you guys out with working on your own streams. Honestly the most important thing you can do is have fun with it because streaming is hella fun man.

I love doing it it s it s a gift to be able to do this daily. So thank you guys very much for all the support and making that a reality for me and and best of luck in growing your own streams cheers guys appreciate you and i ll catch you guys ” ..

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