How To Hide or Block Facebook Posts Without Unfriending

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“Right here s a good one this has got to be a good one because because i got the same question. Within a matter of less than an hour from different people. And it kind of goes like this i m a friend with a guy named wayne. He posts about 30 things every evening and of course.

They all show up can i change something i don t see those posts. So i don t see those posts now we re talking about on facebook. Obviously and you ve seen it too it comes in you get post after post after post from the same person you don t want to see you you don t hear it. But you don t want to unfriend them.

So what do you do well here s the answer to that question so we re here on my facebook wall and let s let s scroll down here to find something somebody and we all have those we all have those friends that are constantly posting political things. I let them so here s what we re going to do let s say i don t want to receive information from lifehacker into my stream anymore..

But i don t want to unfriend them it s really pretty simple i m actually in my stream. I can click on the facebook logo. Which will take me home to my stream. Then i find the person that i want to i want to remove from my from my stream.

So we re gonna we re gonna stick with lifehacker here and i can put them back later i m just going to hover over i m not clicking. I m not doing anything and you ll notice when i hover over this area this little drop down arrow comes up doesn t matter where you go whichever one you re on it comes up click that when it drops down. I can hide this story. I can report this story where i can hide everything now i m just subscribed to them i m actually friends with this person so here i have more choices.

I can unsubscribe. I can unsubscribe for photos and if there were a post..

I can unsubscribe from status updates or just unsubscribe. What i m going to do with lifehacker is i m just going to actually i m just gonna hide this story and boom. It s gone. I can undo that put it back then i can hide everything from lifehacker nothing from life after will appear in my newsfeed anymore or i can undo that you do the same thing with my friends.

I can unsubscribe. I can hide everything from foursquare. Or unsubscribe. From steve.

Just sort of several options just click your facebook logo that ll put you in your stream. Then you find the person that you want to hide from that s nice it s good and slow for us..

I can basically walk over to their house and ask them a question. That s very unusual for around here for it to go that slow it knows i m recording something uh here. We go tmz same thing i can hide it all i can put it back so that s it click the facebook icon facebook logo find the person you want to interact with control. How you are hearing from them or the application.

They used and set it that s it hope you listen i hope you have a good time. Thanks. I m. Ken cook.

Host of social media. Edge radio..

Every tuesday at noon. Eastern. See us there social media. Age calm.

” ..

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