How to install ANY screen protector PERFECTLY – 10 steps ( plus 3 Pro-Tips)

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“Guys it s a no home for mobile reviews hd and today i m going going to show you how to install a glass or plastic screen protector perfectly this relevant for any sort of device. But everything i m gonna show you here is going to be for the iphone now i ve been reviewing screen protectors for a while now i ve done dozens and dozens of installs and uninstalls of screen protectors. I ve broken many screen protectors there s like a bucket of not a bucket. This is a drawer of shorted glass in my office where all the screen protectors that i ve broken so the process that i ve used and i m going to show you has worked out very well for me so let s get started.

I m going to add a couple of things that most screen protector installation. Instructions don t tell you to to make the process easily. I m also going to show you how to get rid of dust. If you were unfortunate to have dust get underneath the screen protector and urine device as well as removing it and storing it in the off chance that you want to use a waterproof case with your device.

But most of them won t take a screen protector so you got to take it off now. The first thing you want to do is to set up your space. Most importantly is it doesn t have to be terribly clean as you can tell this is where i install on my screen protectors on my mess of a desk. But it needs to be well lit.

Because trying to install something transparent on a touch screen in a dark room is going to be very painful second thing you need to do is take the iphone end of the case. If you have one there aren t very many situations. Where it actually install a screen protector in a case. I m the only times.

I would do that would be for an edge full edge to edge screen protector third thing you need to wash your hands..

Most instructions don t tell you to but keeping our hands grease free and dry will help with the install fourth follow the instructions i know this is silly. But do follow instructions usually manufacturers who provide you small packets of rubbing alcohol or whatever to clean the screen go and do everything they say in that i will note that screen protectors that a little more expensive usually include tools for you to install it easier cheaper. Ones do not now. This next step step number five.

This is something i ve kind of injected into the entire process is that a lot of the times. I ll get these screen protectors and they ll come with these tiny microfiber cloths and they say clean it with the microfiber cloth. But a lot of the times. They re so cheap that the edges of the microfiber cloth.

Actually come off and so you ve got all these tiny little fibers on it so right before i put on the screen protector. I usually layer it with masking or not masking. Some packing tape and i make sure i get the entire iphone or the entire device free of dust it also does the packing tape also does a good job of kind of removing the finger grease as well so basically dab around the entire iphone to make sure that your entire device is dust free step six is to set the iphone horizontally. I find it is easiest to do it when it s kind of long and for him your face.

And you want to look straight down onto. It next step is to bring the screen protector as close as you can to the screen by holding it along the corners of the screen protector. I usually don t hold in the middle. I usually hold the corners.

So step number eight is to line up the entire screen protector..

Now you want to bring the screen protector as close as you can to the device. I usually line up around the touch id or the fingerprint sensor and then i go line up the cutouts at the top after everything looks lined up i will drop the one end onto the iphone making sure that it s still kind of aligned and then i will drop the other end for plastic screen protectors. I tend to put a slight bend in it before lining up everything you don t have to but that s kind of how i ve done it if everything lines up. And it s sin on your screen.

Well press. The middle of the screen protector and try and push the bubbles out if you have if the manufacturer. Includes a squeegee then squeegee everything out so that s how i ve installed all the screen protectors that i ve reviewed or and using at this point in time. It s a very simple process but washing the hands using the microfiber cloth and the masking tape.

Those are kind of things that most companies don t tell you to do. But i do think i do strongly recommend that you do so because it just it makes the installation process a little easier now if you suffer from some dust. As you can see in this one install. I ve got this piece of dust that i thought i had gun you can easily take the screen protector off.

But you have to do it very carefully if the company doesn t provide you with dust. Removal tape you can use some masking tape or some painters tape to kind of dab away at that piece of lint and then reinstall. It now if all else fails. There is a good chance that your screen protector screwed you can try to wash.

It now putting a bit of water will probably screw up the screen protector..

But some of them the adhesive won t wash waise. So putting a bit of water on the screen protector. It may wash away that lint. I ve done it a couple of times and it generally does work.

But just be warned you might have to get rid of it get a new screen protector if that does happen. I will add one thing is that cheap screen protectors ones that come with you know value cases. Don t tend to fit the iphone. Very well and don t come with any installation tools so you know it s kind of a toss up some of the more expensive ones like this box wave includes an installation tool.

Which makes it so much easier to install the screen protector. So you kind of have to it s a toss up you have a cheaper screen protector yes. It s tempered glass. But you spend an extra ten bucks.

More you ll get one that you can easily install now the last thing i will talk about is if you re planning on getting waterproof case. Removing the screen protector is pretty iffy. There is a good chance that s you will ruin the screen protector especially if it s a glass one they tend to crack. If there is a scratch in the screen protector and you remove it there s a good chance you re going to ruin that screen protector for my recommendation.

If you are thinking about getting a waterproof case..

I d get a plastic. One like one of the fusion self healing ones or a visor buy motion you can wash those screen protectors of plastic. I think yeah. The fusion one is self healing.

Which is kind of cool now when you do take it off you need to be gentle with the one corner. You don t want to bend it back too far either you ll snap the glass or you ll permanently deform the plastic screen protector. I ve done that several times now after you ve taken off the screen protector put it back in the original packaging. If you have it s if not fine a rigid piece of plastic and make sure that it s clean put the screen protector on there the most important thing is to make sure that the screen protector doesn t have any bubbles as i found that the adhesive doesn t recover as well.

If you let the bubble sit under the screen protector for a wild so that s all i got in terms of installing a screen protector perfectly hopefully that helps i do review a lot of other stuff like cases such as these ones for a variety of different iphones. So do check out my channel to click subscribe and produce content two to three times a week. If you have any questions you can leave in the comments section below you could contact me through my website mobile reviews. I see as well as facebook twitter instagram google and tumblr come on tumblr anyways i m aaron ho thank you for watching and hopefully ” .


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