How to install flash player on Smart TV!

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“Video will show you how to upgrade your tv s firmware. Using a usb thumb thumb drive. Updating your firmware is a two part process. Part.

One is downloading the the part two is loading it on to the tv in this example. We will save the file to the desktop..

The file will start to download double click on the firmware file you will receive a security warning click run to continue an extraction program will open click on browse and select the folder. You would like the firmware saved to in this example. We will save it to the desktop next click on unzip to extract the files the number of files unzipped will appear this number will vary depending on the firmware click ok. And then click close you will now have a folder in your selected saved location in this case on our desktop highlight the folder and then right click and select copy now connect a usb thumb drive to your computer.

Some thumb drives may launch and open automatically. Once the thumb drive is open right click on an empty space in the window..

And then select paste. The folder will start to copy be sure not to copy the folder in a subfolder. The tv will not be able to find the firmware once you have the firmware unzip and copied to the usb thumb drive remember to safely remove the device from your computer. Now you re ready to upload the firmware onto your tv.

First connect your usb thumb drive with the firmware file to one of the usb ports on the back of the tv. Once connected in some cases..

The tv will recognize the usb and eight connecting to portable device dialog box will appear using the directional keys on your remote select software upgrade and press enter if the usb is not detected. Press menu on the remote to open the main menu using the directional keys select the support section of the main menu. And then press enter now select. The software upgrade option.

Then press enter. The software upgrade menu will appear and by default by usb will be highlighted then press enter a message will appear on your screen stating scanning for usb this may take up to 30 seconds once the tv finds the firmware a message valid..

Firmware version was found will appear and ask if you would like to update highlight ok. And then press enter to begin the installation. Remember do not disconnect the usb before the upgrade is complete after the firmware finishes. Installing your tv will automatically power off and then power back on your tv.

Now has the latest ” ..

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