How to install Yesplayer (TerrariumTV update 1.8.6)

yesplayer for firestick This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to install Yesplayer (TerrariumTV update 1.8.6). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys it s big. D and today s video is how to install terrarium 186. 186. If you ve been using trey in the last couple.

Days you wouldn t you would have got two major. Updates 185. And you would notice that the exoplayer is discontinued. So you need to get yes.


Player or mx player onto your system. And you ll notice. If you have an amazon device. You re not going to be able to get yes.

Player or mx player through the amazon app store and if you have an android device. I will show you where to get those apks so it s pretty easy for the amazon device. If you go to apk peer. And this the link right here.


All i got to do is download the apk same with mx player put the download and you re good to go what i decided to do is go to google url shortener and right there you re gonna type that in the browser automatically will let us say ok and will start downloading now for the amazon device is a little bit different. We got a couple different options and we can do it through adb link and i have a video how to install this on your computer. So once you re connected you would click install apk. I don t have any devices connected and those two links.

I showed you you put the apk you would find apk left on your desktop and install the apk if you want more information on using apa adb link. I ll put the video in there now for anybody using fire dl here s the website. I to simply put mx player and you re gonna know is lots of different versions. So basically what you want is you want to put this code to fire dl and monta mac.


The install for you what we re gonna do is i m gonna show you on to the amazon box. We re gonna use downloader and we re gonna use this shortener. So it will show you that next okay so we have to go to the search function on your amazon box and start typing out downloader. It should show up pretty quick switch click on downloader install it i already had it installed don t you switch that on seta wait a couple seconds for the download to start up and we re going to click back so we can access the settings okay so now we re gonna go to enable javascript you re gonna click that on and you re gonna select yes for that warning now we re gonna go back to the browser.

We re gonna clear that url now this is to install yes player we re gonna put in the google url shortener and this url you have that you got the uppercase and lowercase is correct. And the only thing else left is once you start touring with which i don t have din of the video you may have updates. Install the updates and afterwards on the top left hand corner you re gonna go to settings and you re gonna switch on you re gonna still sorry you re gonna select your video player you re gonna use yes player after that you are good to go. As the xo.


The xo players discontinue so hopefully this helps you guys out if you like this video. Please like please comment. Please subscribe you yes. Make sure you select click here load okay so hopefully that helps you guys out until next time keep streaming peace.

” ..

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