How to make a Powerpoint Family Feud template game tutorial

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“What s up guys today. I m gonna be showing you how to make a a family feud. Powerpoint using the template that i have on my site. So go the side download it and check out how do you edit it and use it and i just some tips on some things that people have had problems with in the past.

So i ll explain it all and i hope you enjoy it let s go to my side youth download calm. I for all different youth minutes or anything. But i got a game on here. Which is a powerpoint game go here click click this button.

I m just going to ask you to basically. It s a pay what you want price so minimum price is 0. Don t pay 0 pay. 0.

So i put email address okay now calm and put a 0 right here continue and it s gonna say good downloading link click that and then i m gonna head over to my gmail there we go okay we gotta just thank you for your payment i m zero dollars click download so i click this i m just going to bring up a little download thing right and soon as that downloads open that up okay. I just have on the side. A bunch of different resources and things in alright. So little business show and folder.


There it is it looks like open it up here i click this enable editing. Enable content. It s kinda you need to have this thing enabled for it to work um then just to show you a quick sample what it does i m going to go to slide show from beginning and you have a you know that different things going to come up here for the question that you want and then basically typical superpower you re going to have kids or whoever answer. The questions so let s say somebody says you know fine okay we got it alright let s say they said so it s not a superpower that s not on your list you can steal.

However you want to play it so yeah you can go i m on your keyboard. If you hit back what it s going to do it s going to go to the round before. But it s going to show you i m just going to show you all the answers for this round so stay away from your back arrow key on your keyboard alright so i m going in this show and you get out of here and in the show go back and show you how to edit. It alright so a lot of people.

Ask me okay. How do i change the question. How do i change. The answers that come up here.

So the easy way is you select that round round. One that you want to you wanna make sure that you re zoomed out so once you re zoomed out you can kind of see where everything is located this is the bar that comes with slides up so if you want to put your own logo in here. You could you could put across like you know the johnson family feud or something like that should we re doing it for a reunion anyways. If i go here.


And i just you know highlight this and i say okay okay you re okay you re out of school. And your teacher. You re doing. A teacher appreciation thing for guy named mr.

Cinnamon. What do you want to do mr. Smith. You know famous words or one liners.

That was flipped were there mr. Smith favorite words. I m just going to do you thought was your question. And you go in here and then going back in a little bit and you are going to edit okay let s say helo saying.

You know wow that the person s answer. Everyone knows if this teacher always said that not that he always uses the word often i could i use the word super. They like think grow a lot and then laughing will pay if he says you know drum lesson felt apparently wrong. But there s a past everybody wants it hope you like it we re going to take that whatever alright um.


So and what s gonna happen is if i go to view the show and some kids maybe aiko. He always says wow yeah. Services you got it yeah. Scripture lessons.

And i m it in the show and you can just go an extra line in the show. So um. The other question i get all the time is how do i change these numbers. So it s easy you just go in here and you just click these and change them.

However you want so it s not going to probably affect this up here. I don t think let s say i go to you just change this important change it to mmm. I think an actual game there s booked equal hundreds. Though you might check on here.

I can then like 18 or whatever that adds up to um to add up to a hundred and then the other question i get all the time is how do i add more answers right here like in this spot or this spot or this spot. Um. You can t do that with that template. But what you can do is you can what maybe you can if you figure it out.


But i m going to tell you how to do the easy way and the easy way is to just find the template that has the number that you want to work with so like this one right here has eight this one right here has six this one has five. So i thought those are the only options five six and eight in this one right here. So then what you would do if you have mr. Smith had eight answers that he always said then what you would do is do this duplicate the slide.

And then bring it up here up top change. The round to round one and then put it all in there have you would want to put it so that way you can definitely have a template that has eight answers and you d want to get rid of this one. Because now you have round one round like that but basically the way you do it um trying to think. There s anything else i would say just make sure you get it practice it get really good at it.

So that way you re not you know revealing answers and you don t want to click really anywhere. When you re actually in the show except for all the buttons they re awesome it ll advance the slide. So i mean that s about it and hope you guys enjoy the video and enjoy the template and send me an email or something let me know how it worked out love to hear if you had a good time with ” ..


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