How to make text Shadows with Gimp (Quick tip/tutorial)

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“There and welcome to another partners in crime tutorial in this tutorial. We re going going to learn how to make some awesome text shadows using the free software s and blender. So you want to have both of them download and install and if you don t have them installed. You can download them using the links in the description you also want to download a blender text template that we ve included in the description so we re going to start the tutorial by opening up that blender text template you already have it open here you want to make sure you re in 3d view so right click on one of the text objects trusts tab on your keyboard to erase the text and type your own custom text press tab to exit test.

Edit mode and repeat. The process for the second text. Object. Now you want to go into the top left of the screen here click the render tab and select open gl render image and that will render your text op to an image that we ll be able to upload to gimp so image save as image so that you save it somewhere on your computer.


We chose our desktop for this at all name your image by typing the name your image here and click the save as image for you to open up into gimp which we will jump into like you alright so we re gonna open up the folder. Where you stored your image in this case. It s our desktop. So you wanna just drag it over into the gimp and now you got your scene.

And let s make sure our background layer is nice turquoise blue. So the color selector make sure you up in there that blue click the fill color and left click here so now you got your you got your blue background and you got your text let s make our text shadow. So the way we re gonna do it is we re gonna left left click on our original text layer to select it i m gonna make it i m gonna duplicate this layer so that we have another text layer i m gonna make this text layer really dark and then we re gonna blur it up to make it look like a shadow and then we re gonna drop it below this text layer here so let s get started on that so colors desaturate click okay. No colors brightness contrast and put the contrast.


All the way up brightness all the way down click ok. And do the same thing again contrast up brightness down. And okay now we re going to blur this up so click filters blur. Gaussian blur and you wanna make sure both the horizontal and vertical values are set to 76 and click ok.

So now we ve got our shadow. Let s click. This arrow and you can see it moves it behind our text. So one thing you do to make the shadow bolder is you can just right click and duplicate and just keep duplicating until you get a nice really dark shadow behind your text.


So that looks nice right there. So now that we are finished creating the text we want to save it as an image so click file export as and i just type whatever you want in a file your file name. And you can choose png or jpeg and though we ll see bg click export and export. So if you want more text templates like this we have we have a bunch available on linda market as a product called text factory.

So we ll include from downlink to tax factory in the description and the link to it in the card here so now let s jump back in to lunar and you can see we ve got our text template here and what text factory enables you to do is we ve already got some gradients available here. But we have a lot of settings. Available or a lot of different types of presets for the text different colors and different fonts and sets so again you can check it out in the description. And if you re in turn making blender intros and animations you can check out our blender animation pack called ultimate motion elements let s back of more than two hundred pounder animations free animated and made for easy importing into your blender projects.


So you can check that out using the link in the card here and in the description also if you want to support our channel. You can check out our patreon at partners in crime defects and check out some of our blender educational tools in the description of this video so thanks a bunch for watching subscribe if you want to see more tutorials and yeah. We ll see you in the next video from partners in crime. ” .


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