How to Make the New 3DS Transfer Less Painful

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“Everyone jose otero here for ign and today we re going to show you how how to transfer your data from an older 30s system to the new nintendo 3ds. Now this includes all of your system settings games and save data including pre installed games. That came with special bundles and remember once you do a transfer you won t be able to download your games again onto the prior system or the older system. This is a one way trip also make sure you do not create a nintendo network id on your new system you ll be transferring the id from your old one okay.

So there are three ways to transfer data. The first method transfers everything wirelessly turn on both systems and make sure they are both connected to the internet to the wi fi next access system settings followed by other settings on both machines..

Select. The system transfer icon on both handhelds on the new 3ds hit received from a nintendo 3ds system on the older 3ds hit send from this system now follow the prompts select move and then wait for the transfer now. This is a slow process so if you want a faster transfer option or you have more than 4 gigabytes of memory on your sd card that won t fit on the new 3ds. Microsd you re given the option to just transfer system data and game saves to the new nintendo 3ds.

After this happens you can redownload games and software from the nintendo eshop one by one finally you can use a computer to transfer data to a larger microsd all you need is a pc or a mac an sd card reader. If it s not built in and the sd cards that you wish to transfer between hop your old sd card into the computer and copy all of the data to your desktop now insert the new micro sd card with the sd adapter and copy the files onto the new card..

Now that you ve updated your card. It s time to install it in your new 3ds. First take a screwdriver and carefully unscrew the two screws on the back of the new three guys you don t need to remove them just unscrew them until they are loose. You should hear a click or two.

Then using the back of the new 3ds. Stylus find the grooves on either side of the system at the edge and pop it open if you re not careful it will probably make a loud cracking when this happens..

But don t worry just be careful. When you pry the bottom casing up since it wraps around the lower bottom of the system now look for the indentation where the systems microsd card is press. It in to eject the card insert your new microsd card in its place make sure. It s secure and then reattach the bottom and carefully screw the back onto the device now turn on your new nintendo 3ds to make sure everything is transferred to your home screen if you don t see a game that was pre installed with the system like monster hunter.

4. For example..

Don t worry just go to the eshop find the game. And you ll be prompted to redownload it again and that s all there is to it let us know in the comments. If you re getting a new system and for all things nintendo and 3ds keep it right here at ” ..


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