How to mark your DM s as UNREAD! Instagram Tip 2020

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” d like to show you how to mark your messages on instagram as unread even even if you ve already read them what would you like to know how to on instagram. We make tutorials every single week and i would love to help you figure something out on instagram. So go ahead and type me a comment and let me know what it is that you d like to see more of and if you liked this video. Don t forget to hit that thumbs up button down the bottom a super simple easy tip for you guys if you have tapped on a message in your instagram dms.

And it is no longer unread. So you have seen this message. The person sending it has seen this message you sometimes might be wondering how to mark this message as unread and i m gonna show you how to do that that the first thing that you will need to know how to do is make your account..


A creator account. Which is a professional account so let me really quickly walk you through how to make a professional account on instagram you re going to go to your home page and click. The settings menu with the three dots at the top and then in two settings. You ll see this option in blue that says switch to a professional account.

We re going to press that now switching your account to a professional account has a lot of benefits especially. If you were creating a presence for yourself on instagram as a company or an influencer or a brand or something like that because it gives you a lot of depth into being able to see who has seen your posts. You can have a real deep dive into your analytics..


You can control promotions and all sorts of things from your instagram page. We re saving that for another video for you so keep an eye out for that one. But for now we re going to click creator. It gives you a brief overview of what you can do here you know by having flexible controls easy messaging and growth tools.

We re clicking this because of the messaging options here so go ahead and press next. And you can sort of choose what best describes you in terms of a category for instagram. Just for now..


I m going to go as people click done. And now your creator account is ready. Which means if we pop back into our instagram dms. It now looks like this so if i want to make this message unread.

I m going to swipe to the left on this message and it brings up a couple of options and you can see right there unread is a choice. I m gonna go ahead and do this with all of my messages even some that were sent to me weeks ago. And these messages are all unread..


If you go back to your home newsfeed. You ll see that there are four unread messages in your instagram dms you ” ..

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