How to Maximize A DVD s Quality Using Adobe Premiere CC, Media Encoder CC, & Encore CS 6

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“Today. I m going to show you how to get the most optimal quality for for a longer format dvd. So what you re going to do is you re to open up media encoder. Which is what i ve done here.

Once your project is completely edited in premiere. Pro. And then you re going to go to file and add premiere pro sequence. So that s what i m going to do and there s my sequence.

If you only have one timeline. It s going to find it otherwise. It s going to ask you to pick which timeline you want to export. I only have one timeline so there it is you re going to come down here on the right.

And you re going to expand the dvd area and we re going to go to into ntsc dv wide progressive. We re going to drag and drop that on there there it is and now if i click on this we can get the exact details here and we can see that we re looking at an estimated file size of about four point eight gigs. So here s the deal though if you look at turn the video off and we look at the. Audio the audio is taking up 11.

Gigs. That s a lot of space for audio..

And it s really not true to the way. It s going to be on the final disc. Which is going to give us more room. We want to maximize the amount of space.

We have on the disc. So we don t have to compress it as much that way we don t lose quality because that s what happens when you compress the file. So what we re going to do is we re going to take this and we re going to export just the audio first so i m going to do that i m going to let it do its thing and you can see over here. When i let that play out it s exporting.

It and that s great now. That s done let s bring that in and see what it really is what we re going to be doing is compressing it in on cord. So what you want to do is open up on court. And start a new project.

So that s what i ve done here here s my new project and how i know it s going to compress. It is if i look at the default transcode settings. You won t have to do this. But see how it says audio transcoding.

It s going to make it dolby. Digital you re going to see how it s going to take that 11..

Gig. File way down in size. Which is going to open up more space for us to compress the video content so i m just going to click on ok we ll click on ok here here s our new project and what i m going to do is i m going to go into my project. I m going to make a timeline.

Because you need to have only have a timeline. I m going to go to file. I m going to import as asset and here it is here there s my wav file. So i import that in and now what happens is when i bring that in here.

I m going to drop that in the timeline. And now if i go over to the build. Tab let s take a look at how we re doing 11. Gigs right realistically.

It s only 180 four point five meg s see the. Difference that s why it matters because i only have 47. Gigs on a single side of dvd. So what we need to do is then do the math and to do that you know that you ve got 47.

Total so so let s be fair let s make it more like. 46 so you ve got 46..

And you want to take out 200. Meg s so that s point two just to give it a little rough estimate. So four point six minus the point two is what you re going to do that means you ve got room for four point four gigs of video on that disk. So now we re going to do is we re going to bounce back into media.

Encoder right here. We re going to right click on this reset. Status. And then what we re going to do is we re going to look at these properties again this time.

We re going to turn off audio and we re going to have the video on instead. So if we come down here and we look at the basic settings. We want to bump this up to 100 quality and then the numbers that you want to look at or this one right the target bit rate. So the maximum is pretty good.

The minimum is pretty good change this to two passes and then we re going to slide the bit rate to about five point four eight this one here is the one you want to slide because this is what has a direct impact on the numbers. So we can go from three gigs. But we know we have 200 meg s of audio. So we can go up a little bit.

More we need to leave a headroom for the disk processing itself. So i would say about maybe five point..

Four eight is pretty good. And that should give us enough space. Okay so once that s done transcoding. What you re going to do is you re going to go back to encore.

And you re going to import it as an asset. So there it is it s going to read it real quick. And it s going to determine that it doesn t need transcoding because we ve already transcoded it don t transcode see and then we can just click. It and drag it right into our timeline and now let s go back to our build and notice.

We ve got four point five gigs used we re good. We ve got 130. Meg s free on the disk roughly. And we are all set to go ahead and finish this project.

So we would do is we would go ahead and name the disk you know pick our first play and then any menu you know develop that or whatever. And then go ahead and build it ” ..

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