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“Is up guys is your white rapper and your wannabe monitor in fact showing you you a how to mind i want to be showing you how to mod a game save to your profile. The download link to the game safe is in the description as well as a working as of 2016 download link for horizon so do not panic when you hear that name because is this link will work as of 2016. And you can check the date. This video was uploaded.

So we re going to use right here is on a game save. I m actually using for um future. Youtube videos is that right here. Let s look through the uber skyrim.

And that s the name is going to be so i want to do is i m going to open up horizon. And what you need to have done before on your console is you need to go into your game saves on the profile you want to mod on you have to copy a random game safe that is from that profile. It just has to be from the profile doesn t really matter what game. It is and this will be a reference point for your data for your profile.

It s just reference data to your profile. So that way we can use this reference data and post a reference data onto the modded game save what this does it um. It makes the modded game safe and tells the console that it was made from that console there pretty much it will tell your xbox at this this modded game save was saved by your xbox and will let you use it so i already got my flash drive plugged in and what we re going to do is first. I m going to get a game safe from my xbox on to here.

So i want to go to terraria. So i don t want to get the xcom..

The skyrim safe mixed up. So i want to put character safes in here and so we know the director terraria characters are from my console. And this is all my console information so now what we re going to do is we re going to open up the skyrim mods. We re going to go to the stink ass box right here my pots and we re going to drag into that to horizon.

So we have the modded game saving here so i already resigned it but that s okay so all you want to do is you go to your terraria game. Save. And you want to copy all of this down to here and if you look at it very closely my this game saves already resigned to me and that is because i m the co founder of it and i modded the save and i scripted it and it s actually from my fuckin. It s actually from my console.

Well now originally because when you actually make a save from scratch you it doesn t really say that s come from a console. So pretty much all of these are 0 x. 0. Except for the title id.

So i already had i had to like resign it but i already resigned it to my console. And it s going to be the safe. I m using by the way youtube void lipsticks that s just my name so we want to do when you copy your profile id device id console id all of those into this save right here the modded save you what you want to do is you want to rehash and resign and say yes and then you want to save it to your device. And i m not going to do that because it s already on my device.

So once you are you do that on your usb. You should have it somewhere here..

That is a save 33 youtube months. But we want to do is you want to plug in your usb to your xbox and i ll see you on to the console. Alrighty then now that we are on the console. What we want to do is i already have my my thumb drive in now you want to go straight to settings and system go to storage mute.

The fucking preview. Because that s in my ear. Now all right now you want to go to usb um. And go to sky oh and there that safe should be is youtube void loop.

6. Which is my name and there s the mods which i am using for like the youtube videos. This is just going to be for this tutorial. I m not sure i might actually play on it just check it out i m probably going to like showcase it in this video.

See you um. So i copied it to the harddrive and there s terraria. I m going to um go ahead and put in skyrim for you guys alright now that you re on skyrim. What you want to do is i start with the hard drive because that s what i put all my saves on is on the hard drive loading add ons because i have dlc and all right so instead of continue when i go to load.

And i think was save 33 46. So that s kind of snake..

Yeah yep this should be no that s not yeah. That s another shave prisoner inward. That s a say so to find the one we have to find one that is on with has the anything all blurred. Think i can keep uber.

Yeah. There we go so it should be oh. Three three coke and keep under imperial one so this say so it successfully resigned as playable and this lovely lady is um going to entertain us while we um. We wait for this shit to load better get some gear all right so now once your stuff is loaded.

I want to see what is unsold of doing one of these jets on the same so i m going to go to skills and apparently everything is maxed out conjuration so it looks like all the trees are still intact. So if i actually go to one and yep. Any perks r2 to r2 five five and all the stats are up to 999 not nine. That was 999 and your stamina.

Met chica also modded as weapons. We have full daedric set it looks like and there s some random enemies and daedric armor with modded out armor rating. So we re outdated shield. Some dragon boots.

We don t need that our carry weight down the areas also bonded out as well as our gold. So this is actually pretty cool save and i ll show you something real quick on let s say if we use a bow..

And we jump in. We will automatically um a level of anybody gets on in that category. So i shot him with a bow before like when i shouldn t begin got to be a total and one of these chests look around huh well. It s not working for that one huh.

I guess i just do this i m not safe. That s a ball looks like this save is like it s worse. It s worse than my other one i have a better is not it save. I m sorry for doubting you no mods your save us better.

But we we can do something cool of it if he hasn t he dragons so i want to go down and we have fire breath. We can shout like a dragon. So unlocks swing equip this real quick and we can shout like a dragon. That s a moment stay still whoa but anyways this is um how you mind skyrim and if you look on a website called 360 haven.

If you look around there there should be other modded game saves that you can download as role and it s not it s not even limited to skyrim alone you can find a ” ..

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