How To Print A Spotify Playlist

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“It s paul anthony from mobile dj network and in this video. I m going going to show you how to print a spotify playlist. So recently. I ve had and more customers.

Asking me..

If they can give me a spotify. Playlist and at first. I was like you know i ll have a look. I ll see what we can do and then after looking at it i realized that you can actually share a playlist with like a little share button.

So the customer can give you a url and then i was thinking okay..

How can we print this out so i did a little bit of google searching and i found a really cool tool to actually convert their playlists into a printable format. So let s check that out what we re going to do is go to google and type in spot lists are ok. So click the first one convert anything to a spotify playlist. So i think with this tool you can do you know youtube videos sound clouds.

A bunch of other things..

But actually we re going to use it for something different. We re going to go the other way around we re going to go from spotify to like a word document or a notepad so we can print it out so come up to playlist tools and export playlist. If you haven t already i think you may need to make an account. I m not sure about that.

But what i m gonna do is go and get the playlist from my customer..

So they ve given me this list here copy and then we paste it right here ok i m gonna click search and what it s going to do is it going to bring me up a list of all the songs so you know i think that s really useful all that informations right there if you want you can add the length of the song you can take away the album name so it s just the track name yeah. It s pretty simple so then what you do from here is you re going to copy the whole list all right click copy come over to the word document control a control v and paste your whole list in there and then from here on you can print it out so i hope you found this video really useful if you did click like and leave any comments. You got any questions and thanks again time ” ..


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