How to quickly make personalized animated gif images for texting

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“47. Welcome into tech time today yes we re doing it on tuesday. Not wednesday. Wednesday.

So don t confuse your days. Now you can make your text messages come technology. Consultant francie black. Is here to show us a new app.

And it makes your text. Truly personalized and we like doing the hard things during tech. Time this is gonna be something a little soft yeah so last week..


We covered like how apps have access to your third party data. And so we got really into that so if you missed that that was a hot topic that was last night this time. We re going into a lot of fun basic silliness. It we need humor in life.

We re like that all right so. This is just a quick example. We all know what animated gifs are but a lot of times. Most time they re not personalized either with your face or your message.

And so forth. Okay so this is just a really cute simple one you rock and that is my face okay. So we re gonna get a little fancier than that but we re gonna get into this app..


That s called it s called gift gab and it s by the makers of jibjab and you re familiar with that okay. So yeah we all lived in debt. Okay. So this is very much like the jibjab thing.

But anyhow what you do you go in and you add your faces okay and you can take your selfie and i ve already done it. But you can add your selfie here okay and you can actually add multiple people so i could even add you and if i wanted to and then you can scroll down and find some really fun animated gifts all right let s see if i can find one okay so here s one okay. That s me doing karate and i could actually send this out from here and i could add some text. But there s another one that i actually want to add here all right so you could do these multiple you could be multiple people okay.

And i m actually gonna trash that one for a second here and then what it does based on what gift. You selected you can add phrases. Okay..


And you can add your own text. Or you can do what i ll call canned phrases. I m trying to find the one that says ooh. I m missing.

The one that i wanted shoot it changes every time okay. I was trying to oh. I ll be there that s the one i was looking for there we go okay so we can add in our text and then i mean you can add backgrounds. Okay and i m gonna add in a background here okay and so it s totally revised with me and you can do it everyone double clicks yeah anybody can do this that s the point is that anybody can do this they make it so fun and so easy and then if you want to add some fun little sticker.

Let s see if i can find one here that makes and we just tap on it and you can add it and you can size the size your image you can scale it down you can do whatever you want. But again it s all about having fun and really just being silly and then when you tap the arrow you can share it directly on your messages facebook messenger or if you want to you can save it down to your camera roll. So if you make messages that you use frequently like you rock or something like that and you want to use that over and over again with your face in it then you can save them to your camera roll..


It s that quick it s that easy and that s about it and you rock and you rock this app is free okay and it is right now it s ios. Only there are some equivalents to it or similar. Not quite as good on the android play store. But this one is free by jibjab.

I ll send it out with us links from if you send me a message on info at ipad wisdom com and also don t forget about the cryptocurrency educational 4. Excuse me educational forum that s coming up we have former cyber portfolio manager from the chairman and joints chief of staff big time great speaker chief economists from parsec financial. This is all about learning and understanding it and knowing important stuff that we all need to know and not get taken advantage of so this is all the ins and outs and really getting it from the experts. And i ll be sending that out as well that is next week.

So be sure and check that out and more information on the apps of course just go to the tech time section of wlos dot com. Francie think somebody thank you when you were smart those college acceptance letters start pouring in neat one young man who s going to have a lot ” ..

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