How to reactivate movie pass

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“Guys. This is joe with florida theme park 10 news. This video is about movie movie pass wanted to answer a question that i had about reactivation. I had heard you have to wait nine months to reactivate once you deactivate your account let s go to movie pass comm.

I am a shareholder of movie pass. It was owned by hm. And why it still is but they re actually going to spin off that company..


It s gonna be its own company and which means. I ll have to buy stock over again. It s gonna be a new company traded under a different name one of the things. That s always been bad about movie passes.

There they claim to be user friendly they are to a point. But when it comes to using their website. They don t send you confirmation for anything you have no idea what s going on if you click cancel on their app..


You re not gonna get an email tony you were canceled and it s just it s very not not friendly to the users they tend to take the users for granted. I think if you scroll down here at the bottom of website click reactivate. There is nothing telling you that you have to wait 9 months if you enter your email and username nothing s gonna happen. It s just gonna leave you hanging the only way to find out the policy is by going to help selecting how do i reactivate.

My movie a past account and then they will tell you what the policy is they should tell you right up front. When you click on that link in the beginning on their home page. It should tell you you need to wait..


9 months. They should not make you input your information. That is almost like punishing the customer making them waste their time and for a lot of people especially older folks who just want to go the movies and have a good time they re not gonna mess with this kind of stuff yeah movie pass has got the and i got a debit card that cncd is mom and pops can use that to go the movies. But they re not gonna spend their time on the website.

Clicking help oh why is this reactivate option. Not working some movie paths. I hope you get it together..


And i have some hopes for you maybe a change of management is in order. But you ve got to make work on this website maybe could rebuild it entirely work on the app to comment below. If you d like if you have thoughts about this whole process about movie pass in general moving past is fun to discuss it s a very interesting company have a ” ..


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