How to Remove A Device From Amazon

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“This is jason with dave s computer tips with another how to video for you you this. One s on how to remove a device from amazon now my kids mini mini mini kindles. This is because over the years we ve bought them every time they break one or the new model comes out the kids get excited during christmas. So what we did is we bottomed new ones.

But every one is registered to my amazon account and i m gonna show you how you actually can remove those devices from your amazon account so like if you want to donate one of them were given to like a cousin or a friend you want to disconnect them from your amazon account so they can connect it to theirs so i m gonna show you how to do that today we re gonna do it to the web browser we you can do it through your amazon app..

But we re gonna show you how to do it this way so the first thing we want to do is go to amazoncom. And you re gonna want to login if you re not already logged in and you re gonna go up to your name right here to the right and if you hover the big menu comes up you just go down to your account. Or you can just click on the hello your name and that will take you to the account page. Too so click there and now that we re under your account you re gonna look to the left and you re gonna look under digital content and devices and now you re gonna look for content and devices link.

Which is the fourth one down click..

It and now will take us to the next screen. And this is we want to be it takes a minute sometimes alright now we re here you re gonna be under content. But we want to be under devices so at the very top you want to click on devices and here is all the devices that are registered to my account and it looks like i need to do some spring cleaning because i have a lot of devices that i don t use anymore in here so i m gonna show you how to remove a device from your amazon account i m gonna pick my son s size flaming awesome tablet since he doesn t have the fire seven anymore and you re gonna look to the left and you re gonna hit this button. Which is the action button has it three little dots in it and it click that and then here you re gonna see this is how you manage your devices you re going to look for d you register and this is gonna remove it from your account.

But you re gonna click it and they re gonna give you a nice little warning just making sure you really want to deregister..

It your device will be registered from your amazon account this will remove all content from the device. And many features will not work. And there s a whole bunch of you can read that and if you agree with it and you re like okay. Yeah.

That s what i want to do you just have to hit the register button and watch this and there you go now..

It s complete so that s how you can remove a device from your amazon account make sure to go to dave s computer tipscom. That s where all of articles are also make sure you subscribe to this channel. And tell all your friends about it and thanks for watching. ” .


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