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“Youtube. My name is wes and today. I will be explaining how you can remove remove the fade from a title screen in imovie. So we look right here there this fade.

That i don t really like so i want to get rid of it so just a little background in earlier versions of imovie you could use this freeze frame feature to create title screens. Without the fade. Now apple patched. This feature as you can see it s all grayed out in later versions.

So you can t use that method anymore. The method..

I m going to show you today is the easiest and quickest i ve seen and will utilize the application keynote keynote is essentially the microsoft word of apple and it can be downloaded free from the app store. So once you open keynote click new document here you can just click this black. And here. We have this this essentially like google slide or microsoft word page.

So pretty much what you re gonna do if we look back here. And you wanna type something into this title. So you go back to keynote and you type something in like that and then you can type more if you want or if you don t even if you don t want this like layout you can remove the boxes and then you can create your own box sort of layout. I can you know make it bigger longer place at different places.

But yeah so here s here s my title here s my title so the next thing you re gonna want to do is you re gonna come over to this side bar right here and you re look at the background you re gonna click this and you re gonna select green so now you have this green page this green background and you re gonna type in whatever you want to type in you can type it in whatever color you want so next after you ve created your your title screen. You re gonna come over here and you re gonna say file you re gonna export to images and here obviously all and you re gonna export it into a jpeg high quality click next and bring you to your desktop..

I gotta export. So now you got that x out of that i already explored it so don t have to worry about that all right and now we can see it creates this folder open it up. And you have the slide here so next thing you don t want to do is you re gonna drag it in to imovie now instead of using a title you re gonna go to the background section and you re gonna choose black or red or whatever whatever you want your title screen to be so i m just going to choose black for the sake of the video so we have this black background here and we re gonna drag this this image over it so as you can see it s green. But we want it on the black to make it like this so you re gonna click on the green image and first it s gonna you re gonna see how it sort of it moves the title screen you re gonna click over here and you re gonna say green blue.

So that makes it so the title is now sort of like transparent and it s on the black. But it s still moving so you re gonna come over here and start over here. And you re gonna say fit. So.

Now. You just have a non moving title thanks for nd copy the system..

Update folder itself to the root of a flash. Drive. A cd or a dvd. And then pop it into the system and turn it on and hopefully.

This should remedy your issue. If you re still having issues. Where you get a different air code. Just go ahead and go back to google.

This is pretty much a guide saying just google. It and here s something about hexadecimal format..

But that s really all you need to know i ve been able to fix all of my errors. That i ve seen with this method and this should fix up most if not all the errors that people are having out there. But anyways that s really it so this mr. Mario signing off thank you for watching everyone and hopefully you can get back.

” ..

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