How To Repair RC Car Battery

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“Viewers. I am ayub khan and you are watching rc channel ayub. Guys if your your rc cars battery. Timing is not good.

And you want to make a new or want to repair faulty. Battery so watch this video start to end 72..

Volts. 700 mah battery rc car runs very slow. And it stop after few. Minutes so i will make same new.

Battery buy 6x. Aa..

12v. 2500mah rechargeable cell mah means capacity of battery. More mah more timing joint all same way joint in series wrap a tap solder all tips touch for 1 or 2 seconds. Only otherwise.

It can damage the battery. Other side same way cut the cover of old battery..

Because i have no new cover and wire connector joint in series all you can keep old battery to see. Connections it should stick strongly if your old battery doest show any volts or it doest on your car or the charger doest show charging indicator. It means wire is broken inside the battery or connector is not connecting so open the battery and connect the broken wire. Connect black wire at connect red.

Wire at you can make any battery 4s 5s 6s7s. 8s..

Etc method is same 804. Volts you can use old cover apply some tap to avoid short circuit. This is ready now connect to the car for checking. It is working good please subscribe like and share this video.

” ..

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