How To See Your Subs On Twitch

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“You a twitch partner or affiliate nand you need to know who subs to you you for a giveaway. I m gonna show you in this nvideo to find out to do that real quick coming at you right now hey guys wild4games coming out to nyou from my stream. Support playlist. Where i try to bring you the best tips ntricks and tutorials for all your streaming broadcasting and camming needs nif.

This is your first time here consider subscribing whether you re a partnered nstreamer or newly affiliated every streamer needs to know who subs to them non twitch. Perhaps you want to do a giveaway and you need to reward your nsubs with a certain monetary gain. But the biggest problem is a lot of people ndon t know who actually subs to them i m gonna show you the two simplest tricks nto find it out right here let s go over the computer. So the first thing.

We want nto do is we want to go to our dashboard go to the top right corner and click ndashboard and let that load and on the left hand side here..

It s gonna load the nledger. We re only interested in revenue. Give nthat a nice tick and it s gonna show you all your revenue stats. But all we re nconcerned about here is at the very bottom where it says email me my nsubscriber list.

So go ahead and give that a click just to let you know it s ngonna take a few moments depending on how many subs you actually have and this nhas been known to fail. So you may have to repeat. This step so go ahead and tell nit to export and email to you and within a few moments. It should hopefully pop in nwhichever email.

Account you have set up within your twitch account for me..

It s nmy yahoo account so i m gonna go there and we re gonna let it sit here for a nmoment and it should pop up any moment. Now nso. There we go so i ve got my twitch email. Here.

Which says twitch subscriber nlist. Just go ahead and click on this and it s gonna give you the csv. So you will nneed some form of excel to open and look at this so just go ahead and click on nthis and download it and in view in excel. And that ll allow you to see who nall subs to you in your channel.

If twitch email export is still giving you nairs or not working for you at all you may have to try it once or twice..

But nif. It s still not working for you which it s been known to do you may want to ntry this program. It s called twitch subscribers com. Ni just found it and the guy just developed it nwithin the past week.

And was kind enough to share it on reddit. So i haven t had a nchance to really dive into it but from what i ve seen you basically granted naccess to your twitch account just go to this box here. And it s gonna ask you to nauthorize your account to go in now. I haven t had a chance to play with it yet nso hopefully this works it doesn t i m not going to show you right here at the nmoment.

But this is another program you can use that s free to use and it s also nopen source..

If you wanna make any changes on the github as well i will put nthe link in the description below. But those are two cool tricks and go ahead nand give this a nice shot. I hope that simple tip and trick showed you how to nfind out who actually subs to you in your channel in community. If you guys nwant to go ahead and feel free to share this with all your other friends out nthere because a lot of people been asking this on reddit and on twitch nitself.

So it s hopefully a very useful video too if you guys like this video. Go nahead and hit that thumbs up button and feel free to subscribe if you do like nthis video. There s a couple more over there to the right that might interest nyou as well and if you so inclined you can watch me on twitch follow me on my nsocial medias on instagram twitter and ” ..


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