How to Setup and use Multi Room Audio with Amazon Echo Devices

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“Right. We re gonna use the alexa app to set up a multi room audio audio you got to go into settings and you re gonna see the list of of your echos in here and scroll down you re gonna see multi room music create a group choose the group name and i m gonna call this downstairs. This was not working on android oreo just fyi. I don t know if i need to reboot or not i m gonna use this one this one this one and this one these are all downstairs let s create that group checking.

So yeah i m using a pixel and i just rebooted it but it is on android. The latest beta again oh..

It s a full release of android. Oh and it was dying as soon as i would tap the create group name so just fyi. We re gonna create this group and then we re gonna test it now what i ve got going on is i ve got an echo dot hooked up to home audio system. So i ve got a hooked up audio out to an amplifier that goes to speakers all over the house and so that s gonna be a little different.

But that s gonna be kind of nice to group that to i would like to group that with my show and send music. It were so there we go downstairs group successfully saved just say play music downstairs replacing downstairs with your group name okay so luckily we enable so now let s go over and see if this is gonna work okay here we go here s the show and i m kind of cheating because i ve got this is when you saw earlier..

This is the laundry dot and i ve got a battery for it we take this out by the pool. The review for it will be coming soon. But i thought it would be nice to show it here right okay alexa play sweet home chicago downstairs sweet home chicago eric clapton playing on the downstairs group that s pretty quick okay. Gotta go over here in the house.

So these speakers here are controlled here all right got it now i got to take you this way. This is where the dot is that is hooked up to the home audio all right let s try something else alexa play the reset podcast downstairs getting the latest episode of reset here it is from tune in this is reset..

And can be found at makeba. Oh are we talking about anything that plugs in or takes. Batteries mostly home automation. Wow.

Home storage. And i ll be bringing some fret..

My voice all those inspired by a bit that s creepy sat on my desk for years there s usually really simple hey. There s more like there s more alexis stuff all over the uh this youtube channel from alexa stop. And it was synced up really good that s really cool alright. We ll see you next time ” .


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