How to setup the account and syncing settings within Windows 10

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We are gonna get into another windows 10. How to video in this video or don t get into the account settings and also the syncing settings. This is specifically your account settings and the syncing settings and linking today. So as far as that goes.

We re gonna be using a beta version of windows. 10. If anything is massively changed between now and the full release. I will like below the obey of video and change the title of this one to outdated.

But if you don t see that then consider this being the current version so as far as that goes let s go to the start on the bottom left. Then go to settings. And then go to accounts and it needs us eight accounts your account sync settings and so on. So you should be under your accountant.

Now if you are logged in into a local account you will not see an email. But if you are locked into a microsoft. Account then you will see your email being a hotmail. How look whatever.

But basically the difference is a local account cannot sync across so say for example if i got multiple computers and or if i get a new computer. Then i can t sync my settings and themes and other things to my new computer..

So what would amp. Happening is i ll need to login to my microsoft until order to do that now there should be an option down here for full release on how to sign into your microsoft account keep in mind. This is in beta. So it doesn t detect it so it should be right here.

But in case. If that doesn t get fixed and put check highlight down you can go to family and other users. And then you can select sign in with a microsoft account and that will allow you to actually sign in and use the syncing features to its fullest. So below this.

Where it tells you your account name your account. Type and also again your account types of local account. And this is a ministry account. What you will have is a icon for your account.

Now real quick well barbara answer. This account type one thing. I will tell you is if you have the ability do not make your primary account. A administrator account make it a standard user account even if you are a tech savvy person make it a standard user account the reason.

Why is simply that the standard user account is slightly more restricted and you cannot mess up the overall system. And what happens at times is especially if you leave your computer on is software can be downloaded and you can accidentally click a button or do something that actually downloads something bad or install something that and also you will have full access to everything so therefore we can actually do some bad stuff. So. If you can keep the master account and and make sure you remember the passwords and stuff to it.

But make sure your primary account. The one you use day to day basis is a standard user now with that in mind let s go down and i ll show you in a later video on how to do that but you re a pitcher for your account will be here you can actually change the picture to any one that s on your computer..

And you can make a picture through your web camera. Now i m on a virtual machine and also i don t have a web camera. So i can t show you that but you could and it s a quick way to say oh that s my face. So i know this is my profile in that way if you have multiple users like a family desktop.

You can actually see what is what at a glance. If then other accounts that you use so let s go down to sync your settings. Again this will be only useful if you re signed in to your microsoft account so if you re signed in to your microsoft account you can sync the following more can be added and probably will be handed. And it s possible that microsoft might even allow it for some applications their party applications could add their own stuff in here.

But as from now what we re going to say is you can sync your themes. So your color your background. If you want to taskbar are transparent or not and so on you know even up to your icon for your mouse. If if it s like when is it and then you can set up a sync to your web browser settings now keep in mind.

This is not your chrome. This is not your firefox. This will only sync your web browser settings for what s now microsoft edge. Which is the browser.

It s basically internet explorer. But it s they changed quite a few things so what would be synced on a previous version is internet explorer passwords language preferences ease of access. This is if you re hard of hearing or deaf or if you re blind then there s settings to help you out so if you re blind you will have a narration. If if you re hard a scene.

There s a man if i m if you are about that and then there s some other stuff so the last one is other one is settings. Which is pretty nice said they just put that there for anything else now you can t turn on and off each one of these individually..

And what that would do is you won t be syncing that anymore and as you imagine i turn off the themes because i don t want that to sing now because i m only a local account it doesn t matter what i select here. But once i sign into a microsoft account simple start syncing back and forth. And this will come and play. Now why would you want this it s very interesting it one is 8.

They added this and what this allowed is if you got a brand new computer. You can actually if you re signed in you can sync all your stuff over your settings. Your background. All that other stuff.

It s pretty much like your old computer. But we ve obviously didn t new hardware and some applications and stuff it does not sync programs. It does not sink anything on time it syncs. The things that is listed and also if you have multiple computers.

Maybe a laptop maybe something else and you want to sync across the board. So you want all of them have same theme or a same settings. Then you can do that instead of going to each individual device and changing the settings. You could change the settings on one device as long as all of them are are logged into the microsoft.

Account and also the setting the sync settings is turned on you can change. One device and they would go to all the other ones. This is to include if you re on windows 10. And you have a windows 8 device it would sink back and forth for what is capable.

And this is very very important. So..

If you have a 1 08. Laptop and a one is 10 desktop. Then all you can do is you can have having the desktop. Do whatever whatever changes.

And what was compatible with one is eight will sync over to the windows 8 laptop. And if you want to change something on the one as a laptop. Then whatever is compatible will sync over to windows. 10.

It s a very neat feature you know always recommend turning that on because it we ll help you out in a long run. Now as far as that goes i in a separate video getting to the sign in options and also how to change the account type. But the fear that this videos come long enough. And if you do have any questions or want me to make a video on anything else feel free to leave that down below or if you want to leave a general comment.

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