How to Still use HDMI equipment on a TV with Broken HDMI Ports

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“There my name is vince from my mate vince calm and in this video today. Today. I m going to show you what you can do if your hdmi ports your tv. Have fallone now before you rush out and buy a new tv.

There s still away you can connect up your hdmi equipment for not a lot of money and the quality will still be 1080p. So it will still be full hd. Now the picture may not be quite as good as using an hdmi cable. But most people won t notice now the story with this tv is quite a few years old now.

But it is a 1080p t tv. So it s a full hd tv. But unfortunately the hdmi ports blew. Quite a while ago now i managed to fix this again by heating them up and heating up the hdmi chip and it did work for a few months.

But then they blew so really it kind of renders the tv. Useless because if you want to connect up your xbox you re forced or your playstation. 4. Or whatever you re forced to use a hdmi cable.

Now at the moment on this video here. I m going to be connecting up an xbox one and also a roku media player now at the moment on this little media player. I m using a composite lead. So that s the red white and yellow connections.

That s quite quite an old fashioned connections probably this lot of things used to connect up with your maybe a video your vhs years ago. But the problem is if you have a look at the picture. It s really bad quality. So it s not hd picture and you can see it s quite blurry and when you re watching things like youtube.

And netflix the quality is bad especially. If you re paying for one of the better netflix package that gives you you know your your full hd. So an easy way to fix this. And it s only going to cost you between 10 and 15 pounds is to get the parts that i m going to show you in this video.

So chances are your tv s gonna be quite a few years old if the hdmi ports have blown because normally it takes a while for that to happen and most of the slightly older tvs. Do have this vga input here. So if you have a look here you can see this one. Here.

It says rgb in pc. That s basically a vga input. Now i was always under the impression that vga was only 720p..


But it s not it can actually work after 1080p this one here so if you find that your hdmi ports. No longer work. But you do have one of these these connectors here that s the vga in then you will still be able to get your equipment connect to that so what you have to do is you have to get yourself one of these adapters now this is a hdmi to vga adapter. So if you have a look there.

You ve got a male. Plug there and a vga female here now this was only 499. From ebay. So just under 5 uk.

Pounds. And even comes with the little leave as well for your your sound your audio remember with hdmi it carries the picture and the sound. But with vga you only carries the picture. But by using a separate audio lead then you will get the sound as well now hdmi is a digital picture and vga is an analogue picture.

But you can still get the 1080p. But it will be a tiny little bit blurry. If you were to look really close. But you have to look closely and most people wouldn t even notice now if you just if you just have the one piece of equipment connected up to the tv.

Then that s absolutely fine that s all you need. But you will also need to get yourself a male to male little vga coupler and the reason being is if you get this one here. It s a male here. But it s a female here yet on the tv.

The vga is a female. So you re gonna have to use a male to male coupler. Again you can get these for a couple of pounds and you plug it in there. And that will then turn this into a male.

So we ve got a male hdmi to a male vga and that s all you need to do and then you just need to plug the audio lead into your tv. So if you just had for example. If you just want to connect the xbox one and nothing else. This is all you would need to do you would just need to plug it in there like so and then if you have a look here is his audio in that that s my audio in which will go like so now if for example you had your.

Tv if it didn t have a. 35 because this little plug here is a 35 millimeter male jag. So that s fine. Because it can plug straight in.

But some tvs have a phono connector that s an rca connector similar to these ones here and they will often be labeled up as red and white. If that s the case you will just need to get yourself one of these. Leads..


Here this is a. Short. Lead this is a 50. Centimeter.

35. Millimeter jack. 2. To rca photos.

And you would just plug that into your vga adapter. There and then you would plug this into your red and white audio rca in and that will provide the audio into the. Tv but in this instance here my tv does just use the 35. So it makes it a little bit easier and a little bit cheaper.

Because you actually get this lead. This audio lead with the 5 pounds adapter. Now. All you would have to do is you would have to connect this lead here into your xbox.

But the problem is i mean. It s going to be a bit short so what you re going to have to do is you re going to have to extend this out using a little hdmi coupler and then your hdmi leads. But what i m going to do here is because i want to connect up my roku media player and my xbox one and i ve only got the one vga input. I m gonna attach ship via a little hdmi switch again this is all cheap stuff from amazon and ebay it only goes up to 1080p.

But that s fine that s all i need if you had a 4k tv. Then you re gonna have to get a different switch. But you re not gonna be able to get anything above 1080p on these adapters anyway because vga will only go up to 1080p. So.

What i need to do is this one here is going to be my output. So i m going to connect my output into here like so. And what hd. My switch does is it allows you to connect up to five inputs because this is a five inputs wish if if you only want to spend three pounds you can get a three input switch because it s even cheaper.

But i just had this one lying around from downstairs. I m just showing you for the purpose of the video. That s why i ve got this sticker on it. But now i can connect my roku media player and my xbox insert one of the inputs and then what i can do is instead of having to manually hit this switch.

All the time it also comes with a little ir emitter here that you can stick to the bottom of your tv. It s got a nice little 3m that was here you can stick that to the bottom of your tv. And then you can hide this all behind your tv..


And then you can sit back. And you can use a little remote control now the very cheap switches. If you get them for maybe like three pound. Fifty.

You re probably find that it hasn t got the remote control and the little ir emitter. But i got this one for i think it was under five pounds. But you can get them for you know just over four pounds. So we re not talking a lot of money at all so let s let s connect up there i ll show you so.

At the moment. I have got the roku media player via a composite lead and just to show you again you can see it s quite blurry. So what we re going to do is we re gonna unplug. The composite leads that s that one there and we re going to plug in hdmi leave again so plug it in there like so and what i m going to do is i m gonna plug the other end of the hdmi lead into one of the inputs so i m just going to plug it into there and then on my xbox one.

I m gonna plug the hdmi lead into another one of the inputs it doesn t matter which ones you use and now if i go to my tv. And if i go to input. And i m now going to put it to rgb now you can still see that then i ll hdmi. I blanked out they no longer work.

But if i go to my input and put it to rgb you will now see that i ve got my roku media player back through here. But it s still blurry. Because the settings are still on the composite setting. So i m just going to go down to settings and put it to 1080p.

So let s go to display type go over here now i m going to go down to 1080p hdtv. And hopefully. It should work now yes well no does the screen look good so. I m gonna put yes.

And there we go if i go to home. Now you can see now how much clearer it looks so now when i watch youtube or netflix. It s now going to be on full hd. Even using the vga connector.

So that s that one there now let s say now if i want to go over to my xbox. So. What i need to do is i need to go to my remote control. And i ve got it plugged in too.

Which one if i got my xbox something so i ve got that plugged into input. Too so i m going to hit too and my remote control there we go and it s time to update. Unfortunately..


I haven t started this in a while so let s just start the update well. I m just going to come back to that when the uh prices. I m only done at all this updating and as you can have a look. The picture is nice and clear.

I m just going to go to settings just to show you that it is 1080p so go to settings. I m going to go to display and sound for your outputs and if you have a look there tv resolution 1080p 1080p. There and if you have a look at the actual graphics on forza horizons. You can see there that you can tell that that s a good picture.

And although people do say on vga that when you look closely it can be a little bit blurry. So it s not going to be as good as the hdmi cable. Because remember it s now gone sir from digital to analog. But most people wouldn t even notice the difference if they were side by side you may notice the difference.

But playing this up in a bedroom like this one. Here. You re not really going to have any problem with that picture at all so it s definitely not worth throwing away your old tv and just have one more look at the back there. So you know what s going on as you can see there s nothing connected to any of the three hdmi ports.

Is all go in via the vga. One here. So the idea is is to tuck this up tie all up here. And you can just have your little ir things stuck to the bottom.

And then what you can do is just control. It all from your control. So for example now if i just want to watch normal tv. I would just go to it and turn now like normally and then if i go to input rgb and then it will be this one and if for example.

I wanted to swap over to the roku on just the ir controller here the little remote. I go to there and then i can use my roku remote control. So i thought that would come in useful because a lot of people think that when that hits my ports go that they ve got to throw away their tvs. Because the only thing they can get is the free to view channels.

But by spending between 8 and 15 pounds so some people you know you might have to buy one of these it s going to cost a little bit extra. But in my neither that hdmi switch for under a five pounds. I needed the vga the hdmi to vga adapter. Again five pound and that little coupler those little couplers.

The vga male to male couplers again a couple of pay on so it s not a lot of money to spend and then at least your tv can live on a little bit longer so hope you enjoyed the video. If you re watching this around christmas time now and it s just come out thanks to all my subscribers wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year and look forward to doing more videos in the new ” ..

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